Charter Oak Restaurant 宪章橡树餐厅

Environment: **** (4 stars)

Food: **** (4 stars)

Value: ***** (5 stars)

The front entrance/ 主入口

The Charter Oak is a restaurant in St. Helena the heart of the Napa Valley by Chef Christopher Kostow of the Michelin three-starred The Restaurant at Meadowood. The Charter Oak is centered on a celebratory, family-style dining experience, with simple, approachable, and seasonal food – grilled meats, beautiful vegetables from our 3.5-acre farm, local wines, and unparalleled cocktails.

The restaurant entrance/ 餐厅入口

The Charter Oak 是位于纳帕谷中心圣赫勒拿的一家餐厅,由米其林三星级 Meadowood 餐厅(2020 年不幸被山火烧毁)的主厨克里斯托弗·科斯托 (Christopher Kostow) 掌厨。 Charter Oak 以庆祝家庭式用餐体验为中心,提供简单、平易近人的时令食物 – 烤肉、来自我们 3.5 英亩农场的精美蔬菜、本地葡萄酒和无与伦比的鸡尾酒。

The yard/ 院子

The food we ordered is easy yet tasty, as well as good looking, making us mouthwatering. We had grilled corn, figs dipped in cheese and balsamic, fried chicken, grill avocado and steak. The flavors are yummy yet unique, and I believe it is from their special recipe, a truly Michelin 3 Star’s background with casual appearance.

我们点的食物简单而美味,也很有卖相,让人垂涎三尺。 有烤玉米、无花果蘸奶酪和意大利香醋、炸鸡、烤鳄梨和牛排。 味道美味又独特,我相信这是来自他们的独特配方,不愧是米其林三星级掌厨的休闲餐厅。

Local Napa wine: Blankiet Cabernet Sauvignon/ 本地纳帕谷葡萄酒: 毯子庄园赤霞珠

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