Auberge du Soleil, St. Helena, CA

Showcasing breathtaking views, Auberge du Soleil is the dream of French restaurateur, Claude Rouas. In 1981, with business partner, Bob Harmon, Rouas opened Napa Valley’s first fine-dining restaurant, designed to reflect a taste of Provence in California wine country. The immediate success prompted the addition of “The Inn of the Sun” five years later. Nestled [...]

Napa Farmers Market 纳帕谷农贸市场

The Napa Farmers Market is Napa County’s largest year-round California Certified Farmers’ Market that showcases local farmers, food producers, and artisans. Situated at the southern gateway to Napa Valley’s world-famous Wine Country, the Napa Farmers Market is easily accessible from downtown Napa and the surrounding neighborhoods. 纳帕农贸市场是纳帕县最大的全年加州认证农贸市场,展示当地农民、食品生产商和工匠。纳帕农贸市场位于纳帕谷举世闻名的葡萄酒之乡的南大门,从纳帕市中心和周边社区可轻松抵达。 The vision is to provide an inclusive gathering [...]

RH, Yountville

Stroll through the new Restoration Hardware (RH) furniture gallery in Yountville, step across the gravel pathway planted with graceful olive trees, and you’ll surely admire the RH Yountville restaurant. 漫步在扬特维尔新的 Restoration Hardware (RH) 家具画廊,穿过种植着优美橄榄树的砾石小路,RH 扬特维尔餐厅一定会让你流连忘返。 The setting is exquisite, with glittering crystal Rococo chandeliers absolutely everywhere, spanning the furniture gallery, the dining room, and the [...]

North Block Hotel & Restaurant

Situated at the north end of town in wine country’s most coveted epicurean locale, North Block is a luxurious place to call home during your stay in Napa Valley. A mecca for food and wine connoisseurs, Yountville offers restaurants, small-production wine tasting rooms and boutique shops all within walking distance from the doorstep. North Block [...]

Carneros Resort & SPA 卡内罗斯水疗度假村

Surrounded by rolling vineyards and picturesque countryside, Carneros Resort and Spa offers a private retreat that delivers a relaxed and luxurious quintessential Napa experience. 卡内罗斯水疗度假村 周围环绕着连绵起伏的葡萄园和风景如画的乡村,提供私人度假胜地,提供放松和豪华的典型纳帕体验。 Escape to one of the private free-standing cottages or gated luxury vacation homes. Inspired by the essence of Napa Valley, the cottages and expansive homes provide a beautiful blend of [...]

Sea Ranch Chapel 海洋牧场小教堂

James Hubbell, artist and architectural designer, is the creative genius who combined local natural materials with gifted local contractors, craftsmen, and artisans. The chapel is protected by a carefully designed native habitat that is the product of several talented landscape planners. It is maintained by guardian volunteers of the chapel. James Hubbell 是一位艺术家和建筑设计师,他是一位创意天才,他将当地的天然材料与当地有天赋的建造商、工匠和艺术相结合。小教堂受到精心设计的原生栖息地的保护,该栖息地是几位才华横溢的景观规划师的产物。它由教堂志愿的监护人维护。 Open daily [...]

Evangeline, Calistoga, Napa

Evangeline’s menu features fresh, fun versions of bistro favorites like steak frites and mussels. Standards such as assiette de fromages and tour de fruits de mer are given new life in their interpretations by the Chef. Most exciting, perhaps, are the ‘instant classics’ of its own making inspired by the creole cuisine, like gumbo ya-ya [...]

RH restaurant, Marin, CA

RH (formerly Restoration Hardware) is an upscale American home-furnishings company headquartered in Corte Madera, California. The company sells its merchandise through its retail stores, catalog, and online. As of August 2018, the company operated a total of 70 galleries, 18 full-line design galleries, and 6 baby & child galleries. The company also has 36 outlet [...]

Teamlab Continuity, San Francisco

At teamLab: Continuity, you will find yourself immersed in a wondrous ecosystem of lush imagery drawn from nature and East Asian art that dynamically evolves around you. Sumptuous images of inky crows and fluorescent flowers, fluttering butterflies and darting fish propel you to wander, to pause, and to marvel. 在 teamLab: Continuity,您会发现自己沉浸在一个奇妙的生态系统中,该生态系统是从大自然和东亚艺术中汲取的郁郁葱葱的图像,这些图像将在周围动态发展。 漆黑的乌鸦和荧光的花朵、飞舞的蝴蝶和疾飞的鱼的华丽图像讲让您漫步、停顿和惊叹。 Tokyo-based international [...]