Domain Monluxe – “XIN” Chardonnay

Domaine Monluxe “XIN” Limited Edition Chardonnay 中国宁夏 名麓酒庄 “ XIN” 限量版 霞多丽 干白 葡萄酒

Pure and fresh, this white offers Asian pear, golden apple and apricot outfront, followed by a flash of acacia and honey accents set on the rich texture, with hint of cereal and bakery notes that take on momentum towards the lingering finish. Available vintages: 2020. 纯净且新鲜的白葡萄酒,带着水梨,金苹果和杏的前味,一缕槐花和蜂蜜的香气点缀其后,且丰富了质感,尾韵余长,带着谷物和糕点的味道。 可购买的年份:2020年。