About XIN WINE LLC/ 关于 XIN 葡萄酒有限公司

♥ Domaine Monluxe “XIN” Limited Edition

This is my Joint-venture in Ningxia, China. When came to Ningxia in the Summer of 2017, I was deeply impressed by the fast development and high quality of wine in this region. As an indigenous Chinese I am so proud of Ningxia, and I made my mind to join Domaine Monluxe as a partner and help bring Ningxia wine to the world stage.

These two wines are the beginning of our venture:

Domaine Monluxe “XIN” Limited Edition Chardonnay

& Domaine Monluxe “XIN” Limited Edition Red Blend

Fine & Rare Wine Collection

This is my personal collection, and a collection to share with all of you. This series includes Fine & Rare Wines from all over the world, from old world to new world, and from France, Italy and Spain to US, Australia and Argentina. I love all the fine wines with no bias. It is a great pleasure to appreciate them. And I would like to bring them to all of you who love Fine & Rare Wines.

♥ XIN genuinely welcome your inquiry and selection about all the series listed above ♥

♥ Domaine Monluxe “XIN” Limited Edition/名麓酒庄 “XIN” 限量版葡萄酒



Domaine Monluxe “XIN” Chardonnay/ 名麓酒庄 “XIN” 霞多丽

以及:Domaine Monluxe “XIN” Red Blend/ 名麓酒庄 “XIN” 红葡萄酒

Fine & Rare Wine Collection/世界顶级 & 稀有珍藏系列葡萄酒

是我的个人收藏,也可以是给大家分享的美酒。这个系列囊括了世界各地美酒,从旧世界国家到新世界国家,从法国,意大利,西班牙 到 美国,澳大利亚,阿根廷。我毫无偏见地喜爱来自世界各地的美酒,欣赏他们是一种极乐的享受。

♥ 以上各系列美酒,XIN 在此真诚地欢迎大家咨询和选购 ♥