Chalk Hill Estate Winery 白垩山酒庄

Perhaps no other winery captures the casual luxury of Sonoma County better than Chalk Hill Estate. Founded nearly four decades ago, this spectacular 1300-acre property features 300 acres of vineyards, wilderness areas, winery, hospitality center, culinary garden, residence, stables, and equestrian pavilion.

也许没有其他酒厂比 Chalk Hill Estate 更能捕捉索诺玛县奢华休闲的精髓。 这座壮观的 1300 英亩庄园成立于近四十年前,300 英亩种植葡萄园,还拥有原生态保护区、酒庄、接待中心、烹饪花园、住宅、马厩和马术馆。

Entry/ 入口

The winery’s vineyards are thoughtfully woven through the native foliage and contoured to fit the intricate terrain. More than two-thirds of the Chalk Hill Estate remains uncultivated. The higher elevations offer stunning views of the Russian River Valley to the west and the Mayacamas Mountains to the east.

酒厂的葡萄园精心穿插在原生植被中,其轮廓与复杂的地形相得益彰。 超过三分之二的 Chalk Hill 庄园仍未开垦。 较高的海拔让西边俄罗斯河流域和东边 Mayacamas 山脉的壮丽景色一览无余。

Heart Shaped trees among the vineyard/ 葡萄园中心型的树丛

The terrain at Chalk Hill is intricate and varied. Located at the convergence of a number of naturally defined winegrowing regions, the estate features a range of microclimates, soils and exposures that require well-reasoned, site-specific farming protocols. It’s this unusual complexity of terroir that allows us to create wines that are intense, balanced and distinctive.

Chalk Hill 的地形复杂多变。 该庄园位于多个自然定义的葡萄种植区的交汇处,拥有一系列的微气候,不同组合和土壤和光照,需要合理的,针对特定地块的耕作方式。正是这种不同寻常的复杂风土使我们能够酿造出浓郁、平衡和独特的葡萄酒。

Venue/ 活动场所

Chalk Hill’s location, between the cool Russian River appellation, and the warm Alexander Valley, places it in the perfect location to take advantage of the benefits afforded both. The diversity of the Chalk Hill topography creates a broad spectrum of different sites across which can be planted both red and white varieties. The lower, cooler sites are perfect for Chardonnay while the steeper, warmer, south-facing slopes are superbly suited to ripen Bordeaux varietals.

Chalk Hill 位于凉爽的俄罗斯河产区和温暖的亚历山大山谷之间,地理位置优越,可以充分利用两者的优势。 粉笔山地形的多样性创造了广泛的不同地段,可以同时种植红色和白色品种。 较低、凉爽的地点非常适合霞多丽,而陡峭、温暖、朝南的斜坡非常适合成熟的波尔多品种。

Tasting: its famous Chardonnay and Estate Syrah/ 品酒:酒庄著名的霞多丽,和庄园希拉

The quest for quality is the basis for all winemaking decisions on the Chalk Hill Estate. The vineyardists coax Mother Nature to create perfect fruit that, once harvested, is delivered to the winery with only the most delicate touches. In the Winery, the Winemaker, Courtney Foley, and her dedicated staff gently shepherd the grapes through the fermentation process to the bottle. With an estate-wide, shared aesthetic, the process is light-handed, non-invasive, and sustainable, allowing each bottle to emulate the essence of the vineyard.

Proprietor Bill Foley/ 庄主 比尔·弗利

对品质的追求是白垩山庄园所有酿酒决策的基础。 葡萄园主们哄骗大自然创造出完美的果实,一旦收获,就会以最精细的方式送到酒庄。 在酒庄,酿酒师 Courtney Foley 和她敬业的工作人员轻轻地将葡萄通过发酵过程带到瓶子里。 凭借整个庄园的审美,这一过程轻巧、轻柔且可持续,让每一瓶酒都能表达出葡萄园的精髓。

Cherie and her friends @ tasting/ Cherie 和她的朋友们在品酒

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