Pride Mountain Vineyards, Spring Mountain, Napa/ 傲山酒庄,温泉山,美国纳帕谷

Pride Mountain Vineyards

Pride Mountain Vineyards sits high atop the Mayacamas Mountains straddling the Napa/Sonoma county line. Located at the site of historic Summit Ranch, where wine grapes have been grown since 1869, this beautiful setting includes wine caves dug deep into the mountains and the haunting ruins of an old stone winery dating to 1890.

Founded in 1990 by Jim and Carolyn Pride, Pride Mountain Vineyards is recognized as one of the “world’s greatest wine estates” by Robert Parker, Jr., joining just 22 other California wineries for this distinction. Pride wines have appeared numerous times on The Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of the World list, and have been served at the White House more than 30 times during the last two decades.

In 2004, Suzanne Pride Bryan and Steve Pride took ownership of the winery after their father, Jim’s, passing and now continue Pride Mountain Vineyards’ tradition of producing highly lauded wines. In the cellar, winemaker Sally Johnson and her team work with the property’s exceptional estate-grown cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, syrah, sangiovese and chardonnay to produce world-class cuvées deserving of a place in any serious collector’s cellar.


骄傲山葡萄园(Pride Mountain Vineyards)高高地坐落在横跨纳帕(Napa)/索诺玛(Sonoma)县界的Mayacamas山顶上。位于历史悠久的萨默特牧场(Summit Ranch)所在地,自1869年以来就在这里种植葡萄,这个美丽的环境包括挖入山深处的葡萄酒洞穴和可追溯至1890年的古老石酒厂的残垣断壁。

Pride Mountain Vineyards由Jim和Carolyn Pride于1990年创立,被小罗伯特·帕克(Robert Parker,Jr.)公认是“世界上最伟大的葡萄酒庄之一”,与其他22家加利福尼亚酒庄一起。骄傲山葡萄酒多次出现在《葡萄酒观察家》(Wine Spectator)的“世界100强”葡萄酒榜单中,并且在过去的20年中已在白宫招待了30多次。

2004年,苏珊娜·普赖德·布莱恩(Suzanne Pride Bryan)和史蒂夫·普赖德(Steve Pride)在其父亲吉姆(Jim’s)逝世后获得了酒庄的所有权,如今保持骄傲山葡萄园(Pride Mountain Vineyards)的传统,一直在生产高赞誉的葡萄酒。在酒窖中,酿酒师Sally Johnson和她的团队生产酒庄杰出的庄园赤霞珠,梅洛,赤霞珠,西拉,桑娇维塞和霞多丽,这些世界一流的珍藏值得在任何葡萄酒收藏家的地窖中占有一席之地。

Wine Tasting Notes by Cherie, OCT 16th, 2019

2016 Pride Cabernet Sauvignon:

Intense dark ripe fruits flavors of fig, plums and hint of raisons. High alcohol, velvet tannin, refreshing acidity, long finish. Pleasant and easily recognizable fruits flavors. Balanced structure.

2017 Pride Cabernet Franc:

Super ripe and sweet red fruits of bin cherry, strawberries, even some jammy characters, mingled with slices of spices of fennel and anise, as well as waves of violets and pencil shaved dancing between. Acid is bright, balanced with its ripe fruitiness and warm alcohol (14.7%). Fruity moderate finish.

2018 Pride Merlot:

Juicy and lovely fruitiness of ripe cherry, strawberry, cranberry and hint of blackberry. Fresh acidity cleans the sweetness of fruits and brings a mouthwatering sensation. Clean and juicy finish.

Mistelle Viognier:

A mix of Viognier juice and Brandy, 13.5% alcohol. Distinct brandy spirit flavors, with juicy aromatic tropical Viognier smells. RS is around 100g/L, higher acidity will provide a better balanced structure.

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