Husky Cafe, 798 Art District, Beijing/ 哈士奇咖啡厅,798艺术中心,北京




Recently, it seems that there has been a wave of fashion regarding dogs and cats. The furry little animals are surrounded by you, and you are free to caress, or hug, or tough. There is a feeling of releasing emotions from your heart – shameful love, a love that not knowing where to put, or a hate that has no venting.

In the 798 Art Center, Beijing, where the population is dense and mobile, this husky cafe is really hot. There are more than 40 huskies here in different colors and ages, and they are well trained. Some Huskies participate in the performance during the daytime, but they will all return here to take a group photo at 8:00 pm. The intensity is amazing and the photos are really eye-catching.

Due to the large number of visitors, it is necessary to book in advance, and the number of visitors is limited daily. Although there are many dogs and a little smelly, the management always tries to keep the place clean.

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