Tengger Desert, Ningxia, China/ 腾格里沙漠,中国宁夏

Tengger Desert, also called Tenggeli Desert in Chinese, is located in southwestern Alxa Left Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.  It borders the Gansu Province and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Tengger Desert is 240 kilometers (149 miles) from north to south, and 160 kilometers (99 miles) from east to west, making it the fourth largest desert in China with a size of 43,000 square kilometers (16,602 sq miles). Sand dunes cover 71 percent of this area, accompanied by several inner lakes, flatlands, grasslands and hills. At first glance, this large-scale desert seems to extend to reach the blue sky.

腾格里沙漠,也称腾格里沙漠,位于内蒙古自治区西南阿拉善左旗。 它与甘肃省和宁夏回族自治区接壤。 腾格里沙漠从北到南240公里(149英里),从东到西160公里(99英里),是中国第四大沙漠,面积为43,000平方公里(16,602平方英里)。 沙丘覆盖了该地区的71%,并伴有数个内湖,平原,草原和丘陵。 乍一看,这个大规模的沙漠似乎延伸到了蓝天。

Little Swan Lake/ 小天鹅湖

Fireworks & Barbecue at night/ 夜晚的烟火和烧烤

Sunrise and Sunset/ 日出和日落

Hedgehog/ 刺猬

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