Napa Farmers Market 纳帕谷农贸市场

The Napa Farmers Market is Napa County’s largest year-round California Certified Farmers’ Market that showcases local farmers, food producers, and artisans. Situated at the southern gateway to Napa Valley’s world-famous Wine Country, the Napa Farmers Market is easily accessible from downtown Napa and the surrounding neighborhoods.


The vision is to provide an inclusive gathering place where local community can come together, shop for their weekly groceries (and more), meet their neighbors, interact with local vendors, and learn how their purchases support small, family-owned farms with sustainable agricultural practices.


It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and relies on customers’ and community support to remain sustainable and achieve the mission of providing equitable access to local food. Donation is also accepted.

它是一个 501(c)(3) 非营利组织,依靠客户和社区的支持来保持可持续发展并实现提供公平获取当地食物的使命。也接受捐赠。

Above all, it aims to make the Napa Farmers Market a consistent habit for locals, a worthwhile experience for our vendors, and a must-see destination for all who visit our valley.


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