RH, Yountville

Stroll through the new Restoration Hardware (RH) furniture gallery in Yountville, step across the gravel pathway planted with graceful olive trees, and you’ll surely admire the RH Yountville restaurant.

漫步在扬特维尔新的 Restoration Hardware (RH) 家具画廊,穿过种植着优美橄榄树的砾石小路,RH 扬特维尔餐厅一定会让你流连忘返。

The setting is exquisite, with glittering crystal Rococo chandeliers absolutely everywhere, spanning the furniture gallery, the dining room, and the adjacent wine lounge. I can see luxuriating in this experience, and in my dreams, I’d live like this, too.It’s fitting that this over-the-top concept is in upscale, fanciful Yountville.


Here, you’ll dine on a truffled grilled cheese sandwich on Model Bakery sourdough for $20, or a 14- ounce charred ribeye for $48.

在这里,您可以以 20 美元的价格享用松露烤奶酪三明治,搭配酸面包,或以 48 美元的价格享用 14 盎司的烧烤肋眼牛排。

And OK, besides the pricey food, the wine option rings in at $20 a glass or $88 a bottle for a Schramsberg Napa Valley Brut Rosé. Enjoy that 2nd Growth Rauzan- Segla Bordeaux blend, as well, and it will set you around $600.

好吧,除了昂贵的食物外,葡萄酒可以选择选择每杯 20 美元或者每瓶 80美元的纳帕谷Schramsberg 干型桃红起泡酒。也可以享用到波尔多二级庄 Calon- Segur 的波尔多混酿,她将让你花费600美元左右。

None of that is surprising for a place set across the street from the French Laundry (3 Michelin stars) and near JCB Tasting Salon Privé, in a town that’s know for high-end tourism fabulousness. And RH does very well with its other half dozen in-store restaurant locations, such as Chicago and New York.

对于位于”法国洗衣店” (米其林三星)街对面且靠近 JCB Tasting Salon Privé 的地方来说,这一切都不足为奇,这个小镇以高端旅游神话而闻名。 RH, Yountville 与其他几家RH 的连锁餐厅一样(例如纽约和芝加哥),都经营地得非常好。

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