Carneros Resort & SPA 卡内罗斯水疗度假村

Surrounded by rolling vineyards and picturesque countryside, Carneros Resort and Spa offers a private retreat that delivers a relaxed and luxurious quintessential Napa experience.

卡内罗斯水疗度假村 周围环绕着连绵起伏的葡萄园和风景如画的乡村,提供私人度假胜地,提供放松和豪华的典型纳帕体验。

Escape to one of the private free-standing cottages or gated luxury vacation homes. Inspired by the essence of Napa Valley, the cottages and expansive homes provide a beautiful blend of luxurious indoor and outdoor living featuring airy and comfortable accommodations and a private, beautifully landscaped backyard.


Carneros Resort and Spa is home to three restaurants including FARM at Carneros, Boon Fly Café and the guest-exclusive Hilltop Dining Room. Guests are invited to experience farm to table dining at its finest featuring local ingredients, regional wines and handcrafted cocktails.

卡内罗斯水疗度假村 拥有三间餐厅,包括 FARM at Carneros、Boon Fly Café 和宾客专属的山顶餐厅。邀请客人体验以当地食材为特色的最优质的”农场到餐桌”的餐饮、当地葡萄酒和手工调制的鸡尾酒。

FARM Restaurant offers gourmet wine country dining in an elevated setting that features a living room-style alfresco lounge, plush seating, dramatic lighting, a cathedral ceiling, and two fireplaces, as well as a bar and private dining space. Casually refined, FARM features produce from the resort’s on-site farm and garden. Authentically Napa Valley, the unique menu showcases simple and elegant food, imaginative hand-crafted cocktails, a selection of craft beer, and an extensive list of regional wines. 

FARM 餐厅在高雅的环境中提供美味的葡萄酒乡村餐饮,设有起居室风格的露天休息室、豪华座椅、引人注目的灯光、大教堂天花板和两个壁炉,以及酒吧和私人用餐空间。休闲精致的 FARM 以来自度假村内部农场和花园的农产品为特色。地道的纳帕谷,独特的菜单展示了简单优雅的食物、富有想象力的手工鸡尾酒、精选的精酿啤酒和种类繁多的当地葡萄酒。

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