Sea Ranch Chapel 海洋牧场小教堂

James Hubbell, artist and architectural designer, is the creative genius who combined local natural materials with gifted local contractors, craftsmen, and artisans. The chapel is protected by a carefully designed native habitat that is the product of several talented landscape planners. It is maintained by guardian volunteers of the chapel.

James Hubbell 是一位艺术家和建筑设计师,他是一位创意天才,他将当地的天然材料与当地有天赋的建造商、工匠和艺术相结合。小教堂受到精心设计的原生栖息地的保护,该栖息地是几位才华横溢的景观规划师的产物。它由教堂志愿的监护人维护。

Open daily to the public, 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset. The grounds surrounding the chapel as well as the structure itself were the gifts of Sea Ranch residents, Robert and Betty Buffum. Upon completion in December of 1985, the chapel was dedicated in memory of Kirk Ditzler, a navy aviator, zoologist, and artist.

从日出到日落,一年 365 天,每天向公众开放。小教堂周围的场地以及建筑本身是 Sea Ranch 的居民,罗伯特和贝蒂·布弗姆 (Robert and Betty Buffum) 的礼物。 1985 年 12 月完工后,这座小教堂专门用于纪念海军飞行员、动物学家和艺术家柯克·迪茨勒。

The Sea Ranch Chapel Foundation was implemented for the continued maintenance and care of the chapel and grounds. Pat and Lyle Ditzler, longtime Sea Ranch residents and dear friends of the Buffums were intimately involved in the joyous design of the chapel.

Sea Ranch Chapel Foundation 成立是为了持续维护和照料教堂和场地。 Pat 和 Lyle Ditzler、Sea Ranch 的长期居民和 Buffums 的好朋友都密切参与了教堂的设计。

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