Evangeline, Calistoga, Napa

Evangeline’s menu features fresh, fun versions of bistro favorites like steak frites and mussels. Standards such as assiette de fromages and tour de fruits de mer are given new life in their interpretations by the Chef. Most exciting, perhaps, are the ‘instant classics’ of its own making inspired by the creole cuisine, like gumbo ya-ya and shrimp étouffée. The menu layout is simple and clear, yet attractive and tempting. The flavors are big, bold, beautiful, and yet sublime.

Evangeline 的菜单提供新鲜有趣的小酒馆美食,如牛排炸薯条和贻贝。诸如芝士和海鲜等标准食物却在主厨的诠释中焕然一新。最令人兴奋的,也许是其灵感来自克里奥尔美食的“即时经典”,如秋葵汤和虾饼。菜单布局简单明了,但又吸引人。口味丰富,大胆,美丽,又非常棒。

The beverage program features toe-tapping cocktails, lip-smacking beers, and tantalizing wines. The wine list consist of approachable but well-chosen wines. The wine list is divided into two sections: Monde Ancien (Old World) and New World. The selections made by the Sommelier and Wine Director Sasan Nayeri are focused on wines of Burgundy, Rhone and Italy in the Old World category, and pays homage to the wines of Napa Valley in the New World.

饮料计划包括足尖鸡尾酒、令人咂舌的啤酒和诱人的葡萄酒。酒单包括平易近人但精心挑选的葡萄酒。酒单分为两部分:旧世界和新世界。侍酒师和葡萄酒总监 Sasan Nayeri 的精选集中在旧世界类别的勃艮第、罗纳河和意大利葡萄酒,并向新世界纳帕谷的葡萄酒致敬。

Cocktails showcase local liquors used for New Orleans classic such as the Sazerac, while the draught beer selection will be shine a spotlight on Northern California’s fantastic choice of breweries (while including the legendary Abita Turbodog from Abita Springs, La.)

鸡尾酒展示用于新奥尔良经典的当地烈酒,如 Sazerac,而生啤酒的选择将聚焦北加州的精选啤酒厂(同时包括来自阿比塔斯普林斯的传奇 Abita Turbodog,La。)

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