Montage Luxury Resort, Healdsburg, Sonoma 蒙太奇奢华度假酒店,希尔兹堡,索诺玛

The Resort sits on 258 acres in the heart of Sonoma County, nestled among the region’s hills and its own 15.5 acres of vineyards.The resort has 130 bungalow-style rooms dotting the site and 40 residences for sale. Of those, 25 are turnkey Harvest homes, starting at $5.25 million, and the other 15 are meant for buyers to build their own custom estates, starting at $1.35 million per site. It will be the largest luxury resort property in Sonoma.

Hazel Hill restaurant

该度假村占地 258 英亩,位于索诺玛县的中心地带,坐落在丘陵和 15.5 英亩的葡萄园之间。度假村拥有 130 间平房式客房和 40 套待售住宅。 其中,25 栋是 Harvest 住宅,起价为 525 万美元,另外 15 栋是供买家建造自己的定制庄园,每个起价为 135 万美元。 它将成为索诺玛最大的豪华度假酒店。

Montage Hotels & Resorts is the ultra-luxury hospitality management company founded by Alan J. Fuerstman. Designed to serve the affluent and discerning traveler and homeowner, the company features an artistic collection of distinctive hotels, resorts and residences. Each Montage property offers comfortable elegance, a unique sense of place and spirit, impeccable hospitality and memorable culinary, spa and lifestyle experiences.

Montage Hotels & Resorts 是由 Alan J. Fuerstman 创立的超豪华酒店管理公司。 该公司旨在为富裕且有品味的旅行者和房主提供服务,拥有一系列独具特色的酒店、度假村和住宅的艺术收藏品。 每家蒙太奇酒店都提供舒适的优雅、独特的地方感和精神、无可挑剔的款待以及令人难忘的烹饪、水疗和生活方式体验。

At Montage Hotels & Resorts, unique experiences await at each location. Each location’s design is guided by the principle of architecture which remains authentic and true to its surroundings, while the décor is inspired by each unique setting. From Montage Laguna Beach’s Craftsman-style design, to Montage Deer Valley’s mountain lodge warmth and Montage Los Cabo’s authentic Baja-inspired feel, this philosophy is evident at each of our resorts.

Hotel room

在蒙太奇酒店及度假村,每个点都有其独特的体验。 每个点的设计都以保持真切和真实环境的建筑原则为指导,而装饰则受到每个独特环境的启发。 从蒙太奇拉古纳海滩的工匠风格设计,到蒙太奇鹿谷的山间小屋温暖和蒙太奇洛斯卡波地道的巴哈风格,这一理念在我们的每个度假村中都体现得淋漓尽致。

Now besides Sonoma County (California), it owns resorts in Laguna Beach (CA), Deer Valley (Utah), Bluffton (South Carolina), Lahaina (Hawaii), Big Sky (Montana), Los Cabos (Mexico), and The Abacos (Bahamas).


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