Teamlab Continuity, San Francisco

At teamLab: Continuity, you will find yourself immersed in a wondrous ecosystem of lush imagery drawn from nature and East Asian art that dynamically evolves around you. Sumptuous images of inky crows and fluorescent flowers, fluttering butterflies and darting fish propel you to wander, to pause, and to marvel.

在 teamLab: Continuity,您会发现自己沉浸在一个奇妙的生态系统中,该生态系统是从大自然和东亚艺术中汲取的郁郁葱葱的图像,这些图像将在周围动态发展。 漆黑的乌鸦和荧光的花朵、飞舞的蝴蝶和疾飞的鱼的华丽图像讲让您漫步、停顿和惊叹。

Tokyo-based international collective teamLab is renowned for its interactive, interconnected digital artworks that dissolve boundaries between artwork and viewer, inside and outside, and art and technology.

总部位于东京的国际集体 teamLab 以其互动、互联的数字艺术作品而闻名,这些艺术作品消除了艺术作品与观众、内部与外部以及艺术与技术之间的界限。

“Everything exists in a long, fragile yet miraculous borderless continuity of life,” says teamLab founder Toshiyuki Inoko.

“一切都存在于漫长、脆弱但奇迹般的无边界生命连续性中,”teamLab 创始人 Toshiyuki Inoko 说。

For teamLab, technology is a means rather than an end. Your experience is not about the digital realm but instead about the natural world — portrayed as a pulsing, transforming, interconnected ecosystem — and your place in it.

对于 teamLab 而言,技术是一种手段而不是目的。 你的体验不是关于数字领域,而是关于自然世界——被描绘成一个脉动、转变、相互关联的生态系统——以及沉浸于其中。

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