Layla at MacArthur Place, Sonoma 莱拉餐厅,麦克阿瑟酒店,索诺玛

Natural Luxury in the Heart of Sonoma/ 索诺玛中心的自然奢华

MacArthur Place was founded well over a century ago as a family estate, vineyard, and working ranch with prized trotters. Today, these lush grounds and historic farm buildings have been transformed into Sonoma’s foremost luxury resort and spa.

麦克阿瑟广场成立于一个多世纪前,是一个家庭庄园、葡萄园和拥有获奖马匹的牧场。 今天,这些郁郁葱葱的土地和历史悠久的农场建筑已经变成了索诺玛最重要的豪华度假村和水疗中心。

From the moment you step onto MacArthur Place, you will experience a feeling of magic and discovery. Over five acres of intimate gardens, grand historic buildings, winding flagstone paths, archways, fire pits, and secret nooks.  Here you will also discover a range of incredible dining experiences, beautifully designed rooms with high-touch finishes, and exciting activities from afternoon tastings to indulgent spa treatments to late-night stargazing. All delivered with the kind of generous, personal, and anticipatory service that truly frees you from the stresses of everyday life.

从您踏上麦克阿瑟酒店的那一刻起,您就会体验到一种神奇和探索的感觉。 超过 5 英亩的私密花园、宏伟的历史建筑、蜿蜒的石板路、拱门、火炕和秘密角落。 在这里,您还将发现一系列令人难以置信的用餐体验、设计精美的高触感客房以及令人兴奋的活动:从下午的品酒活动到享受的的水疗护理,再到深夜观星。 所有这些都提供了慷慨、个性化和前瞻性的服务,让您摆脱日常生活的压力。

There’s the dining program at MacArthur Place, which includes Layla – our signature Mediterranean restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner; The Porch – a relaxed coffee bar & marketplace with a range of fresh, healthy, grab-and-go options; and The Bar at MacArthur Place, delivering craft beer and classic American cocktails in a warm, convivial setting.

Layla Restaurant: amuse bouche/ 莱拉餐厅:餐前开胃小吃

MacArthur Place 提供餐饮,其中包括 Layla—我们的标志性地中海餐厅,供应早餐、午餐和晚餐; The Porch – 一个轻松的咖啡吧和市场,提供一系列新鲜、健康、即取即用的选择; 以及麦克阿瑟酒店酒吧,在温暖、欢乐的环境中提供精酿啤酒和经典的美式鸡尾酒。

Layla Restaurant/ 莱拉餐厅

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