Trefethen Vineyard 翠丝芬酒庄

Part of the current company’s vineyards can be traced back to the winery Eshcol, a biblical word for “lush cluster of grapes.” The original Eschol winery was commissioned by James and George Goodman and constructed in 1886 by a Scottish sea captain named Hamden McIntyre. The original estate was 280 acres with 40 acres planted in vineyards. McIntyre designed it as a gravity-flow system: a horse-drawn winch brought grapes to the third floor of the three-story structure for crushing; gravity carried the juice to the second floor for fermenting; and, eventually, the wine descended to the first floor for aging. The vineyards survived Prohibition in the United States by producing grapes for the production of sacramental wine. By 1940, the vineyards and winery building fell into disuse. The Eschol building suffered extensive structural damage from the 2014 South Napa earthquake. The winery building was restored from earthquake damage following over two years of repairs and improvements.

酒庄的部分葡萄园可以追溯到前酒庄Eshcol- 源于圣经,意思是“郁郁葱葱的葡萄”。最初的Eshcol 酒庄是于 1886 年由詹姆斯和乔治古德曼委托建造,设计师名叫哈姆登麦金太尔的苏格兰船长。庄园占地 280 英亩,其中 40 英亩种植。麦金太尔将其设计为重力流系统:马拉绞车将葡萄带到三楼进行破碎;汁液顺着重力流到二楼进行发酵;最终,葡萄酒下降到一楼进行陈酿。禁酒令期间,酒庄通过生产圣酒而存活下来。到 1940 年,葡萄园和酿酒车间被废弃。 Eschol 大楼在 2014 年南纳帕地震中遭受了严重的结构损坏。经过两年多的维修和改进,酿酒车间才恢复过来。

Following retirement from a successful career with Kaiser Industries, Eugene Trefethen along with his wife Katie purchased Eshcol in 1968 along with six adjoining properties to create Trefethen Vineyards. At that time, replanting of the vineyards and restoration of the historic winery building began. The Trefethens’ restoration efforts were recognized in 1988 by the Department of the Interior, which placed the winery on the National Register of Historic Places as the only 19th-century, wooden, gravity-flow winery surviving in Napa County. The winery is also known for an extensive garden established by Katie. It has been featured in many publications and has been a destination for many gardening enthusiasts since it was created. Eugene Trefethen died in 1996 and Katie Trefethen died in 2007.

在从 Kaiser Industries 的成功职业生涯中退休后,Eugene Trefethen 和他的妻子 Katie 于 1968 年购买了 Eshcol 以及六个毗邻的房产,以创建 Trefethen 酒庄。那时,葡萄园的重新种植和历史悠久的酿酒厂建筑的修复工作开始了。 Trefethens 的修复工作于 1988 年得到内政部的认可,将该酒庄列入国家史迹名录,成为纳帕县唯一幸存的 19 世纪木制重力流酒厂。该酒庄还以凯蒂建立的花园而闻名。它已出现在许多出版物中,自创建以来一直是许多园艺爱好者的目的地。Eugene Trefethen 于 1996 年去世,Katie Trefethen 于 2007 年去世。

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