Hanzell Vineyards 汉泽尔酒庄

Hanzell Vineyards is a California wine producer located just outside the town of Sonoma. The winery was founded by James David Zellerbach (future United States Ambassador to Italy) who acquired 200 acres in the Mayacamas Mountains in 1943 and began planting Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in 1953. At the time, the entire state of California had fewer than 200 acres planted to Chardonnay.

The Ambassador Vineyard from 1953, 68 years old/ 1963年种植的大使葡萄园,68年树龄

Hanzell Vineyards 是加利福尼亚州的一家葡萄酒生产商,位于索诺玛镇外。酒庄由 James David Zellerbach(后来的美国驻意大利大使)创立,他于 1943 年在 Mayacamas 山脉获得了 200 英亩土地,并于 1953 年开始种植黑比诺和霞多丽。 当时整个加利福尼亚州的土地不到 200 英亩种植霞多丽。

Four main products of the winery (from left to right): Sebella Chardonnay (Chablis style), Hanzell Chardonnay, Pinot Noir (Burgundy style), Cabernet Sauvignon (Bordeaux style). 酒庄的四种主要葡萄酒(从左至右):Sebella 霞多丽 (夏布利风格),Hanzell 霞多丽,黑皮诺(勃艮第风格),赤霞珠(波尔多风格)。

The original vines planted at Hanzell are purported to be the oldest continually producing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines in the Western Hemisphere. The original Chardonnay vines planted at Hanzell are Wente Clone and arrived at Hanzell by way of the McCreas’ Stony Hill vineyard in St. Helena, which obtained its cuttings from the Wente Livermore Vineyard in 1948. The original Pinot noir vines planted at Hanzell were derived from Martin Ray estate cuttings (now commonly referred to as the Mount Eden clone). The original Pinot noir vines at Mount Eden Vineyards were pulled out in 1997, and the original block of Pinot noir at Chalone planted in 1946 was replaced in 2003. As of 2010, the 1953 blocks (C53 and N53) at Hanzell continue to produce, and the grapes are typically blended with grapes from the vines planted in subsequent years. From time to time, Hanzell bottles wines derived solely from these original blocks and dubs them “Ambassador’s 1953 Vineyard” wines.

Tasting Pavilions along the slope of vineyard/ 沿着葡萄园斜坡修建的品酒亭

种植在汉泽尔的原始葡萄藤据称是西半球最古老的连续生产霞多丽和黑皮诺的葡萄藤。 Hanzell 种植的原始霞多丽葡萄藤是 Wente Clone,通过St. Helena 的 McCreas’ Stony Hill 葡萄园到达 Hanzell,该葡萄园于 1948 年从 Wente Livermore 葡萄园获得插枝。 Hanzell 种植的原始黑比诺葡萄藤是衍生而来的来自 Martin Ray 庄园的扦插(现在通常称为伊甸山克隆)。伊甸山葡萄园的原始黑比诺葡萄藤于 1997 年被拔出,1946 年种植的 Chalone 黑比诺的原始块在 2003 年被替换。截至 2010 年,汉泽尔的 1953 年葡萄园(C53 和 N53)还继续生产,通常与其他年轻果园出产的葡萄混合。有时,汉泽尔仅用1953年葡萄藤出产的果实酿酒,并将其称为“大使 1953 年葡萄园”葡萄酒。

Part of the tasting experience with vineyard cat/ 品酒的一部分:与酒庄的猫咪一起品酒

A total 42 acres have been planted at Hanzell over the years ranging from 1953 to 2001. Interest in local growing conditions and grape quality have persisted at Hanzell, and careful monitoring and selection have yielded a their own “Hanzell Clone.” This clonal selection is now planted at other vineyards in California and is used by such wineries as ZD and Brewer Clifton, among others. Hanzell’s involvement with the establishment of high-quality wine in California can be seen as well in the example of Joe Heitz’ purchase of several barrels of Hanzell wine in 1963, which he blended with success, achieving lucrative prices for the times.

Cat/ 猫

从 1953 年到 2001 年,汉泽尔总共种植了 42 英亩葡萄园。汉泽尔一直对当地的生长条件和葡萄质量感兴趣,仔细监测和选择产生了他们自己的“汉泽尔克隆”。这种克隆如今也被加利福尼亚的其他葡萄园选择种植,例如 ZD 和 Brewer Clifton 等等酒庄。 乔·海茨 (Joe Heitz) 于 1963 年购买几桶汉泽尔葡萄酒,体现了其葡萄酒的高品质,他成功地将这些酒进行混酿,创造了有利可图的价格。

The winery and old head trained vines/ 酒庄和高杯状陪型的葡萄树

The ambassador vineyard was dedicated to produce super premium quality grapes through mimicing top 2% Burgundy Grand Cru planting technique: all hand work, low yield production. It also introduced Organic farming, and cover crops to prevent erosion and provide green manures. The result is super premium quality wines with fresh fruitiness, balancing perfectly with refreshing acidity, relatively low alcohol (around 13%) and long finish. The elegant structure and fruitiness are reminiscent of Burgundy’s Chardonnay, so is the Pinot Noir, which offers slightly riper red fruitiness yet classic Burgundy PN’s structure.

大使葡萄园致力于通过模仿顶级 2% 勃艮第特级园的种植技术生产超优质葡萄:全手工,低产量生产。 它还引入了有机农业,覆盖作物以防止侵蚀并提供绿肥。 生产出具有新鲜果味的超优质葡萄酒,与清爽的酸度、相对较低的酒精度(约 13%)和悠长的余味完美平衡。 优雅的结构和果味让人联想到勃艮第的霞多丽,黑比诺也是如此,它提供稍微成熟的红色果味,但具有经典的勃艮第 PN 结构。

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