OneHope Winery 一个希望酒庄

OneHope is a Napa-based winery in California that is built on hope and rooted in purpose. The company launched in 2007 with the mission to change the world by sharing wine and giving hope to nourish the future for generations to come. The company is set up as a social enterprise to raise awareness and funding for charitable organizations and social causes. The company’s charitable donations are made through the OneHope Foundation. The OneHope Foundation has raised over $6 million for various charities around the world and their Sparkling Brut has provided over 3 million meals to those in need.

一个希望酒庄 (OneHope) 是一家位于加州纳帕谷的酒庄,建立在希望之上,并以其为目标。该公司成立于2007年,其宗旨是“通过分享葡萄酒改变世界,为后代提供未来的希望”。该公司是一家社会企业,旨在为慈善组织和社会事业提高知名度和筹集资金。该公司的慈善捐赠是通过OneHope基金会进行的。OneHope基金会已经为世界各地的各种慈善机构筹集了600多万美元,他们的干型起泡酒 (Sparkling Brut) 已经为有需要的人提供了300多万份餐食。

With Rena, an intern in OneHope Winery of 2021 Summer/ 雷娜 (右), 酒庄2021年夏季实习生

OneHope co-founder Jake Kloberdanz is the company’s chief executive officer. OneHope co-founder Tiffany Wojtkiewicz is the company’s president and recently named 2021 Wine Enthusiast 40 under 40 tastemaker in the beverage industry. She helped launch ONEHOPE’s Cause Entrepreneur program for individuals to become sales representatives.

OneHope联合创始人杰克·克洛伯丹兹(Jake Kloberdanz)是公司的首席执行官。OneHope联合创始人蒂芙尼·沃特凯维奇(Tiffany Wojtkiewicz)是该公司的总裁,最近她被 “葡萄酒爱好者” 杂志提名为:2021年饮料行业内40位之一40岁以下引领风尚者。她帮助ONEHOPE发起了公益企业家项目,帮助个人成为销售代表。

With Garrett Boles, Director of Hospitalities/ 加雷特·博尔斯 (左), 酒庄总监

In 2005, Jake Kloberdanz was a district sales manager for E&J Gallo Winery. In August 2006, one of his childhood friends was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Kloberdanz had observed that products supporting charity sold well in grocery stores, and he began planning what would become OneHope. Kloberdanz and seven of his coworkers left Gallo to start OneHope as a charitable business in 2007. The company was launched with $10,000 and an initial partnership with Sonoma Wine Company and vintner David Eliot to create its wine. The company’s first wine, a 2005 Merlot, sold 8,000 bottles in its first year.

2005年,杰克·克洛伯丹兹(Jake Kloberdanz)担任E&J Gallo酒庄的区域销售经理。2006年8月,他的一个童年伙伴被诊断患有非霍奇金淋巴瘤。克洛伯丹兹注意到,支持慈善事业的产品在杂货店卖得很好,于是他开始规划OneHope。2007年,克洛伯丹兹和他的七名同事离开Gallo,创办了一家名为OneHope的慈善企业。该公司成立时耗资1万美元,最初是与索诺玛葡萄酒公司(Sonoma Wine company)和葡萄酒商戴维·艾略特(David Eliot)合作开发葡萄酒。该公司的第一款葡萄酒是2005年的梅鹿辄(Merlot),在其发行的第一个年份销售了8000瓶。

Oyster matching with OneHope Sauvignon Blanc/ 生蚝搭配一个希望酒庄的长相思

Mama D’s Italian Kitchen, a local restaurant in Newport Beach, California, became OneHope Wine’s first commercial account in 2007. Albertsons started carrying OneHope Wine in 2008. Young’s Market Company became the company’s first distributor in 2009.

Mama D’s Italian Kitchen是加州新港海滩的一家当地餐厅,2007年成为OneHope Wine的第一个商业客户。艾伯森公司从2008年开始销售OneHope葡萄酒。杨氏市场公司于2009年成为该公司的第一家分销商。

Slow cooked beef pairing with OneHope Cabernet Sauvignon/ 慢炖牛肉搭配酒庄赤霞珠

Robert Mondavi Jr., owner and president of Folio Fine Wine Partners, became the company’s winemaker in 2010. OneHope Wine’s partnership with the Mondavi family began when OneHope vice president of sales and co-founder Sarah McPeake met Michael Mondavi, father of Robert Jr., at a wine tradeshow.  The company released its Darius Rucker signature series wine in 2012. Whole Foods Market began selling OneHope Wines in 2013.

Folio Fine Wine Partners的老板兼总裁小罗伯特•蒙达维(Robert Mondavi Jr.)于2010年成为该公司的酿酒师。OneHope Wine 与Mondavi 家族的合作始于OneHope 销售副总裁兼联合创始人莎拉·麦克皮克(Sarah McPeake)在一次葡萄酒贸易展上遇到了小罗伯特的父亲迈克尔·蒙达维(Michael Mondavi)。该公司在2012年推出了Darius Rucker的标志性系列葡萄酒。全食超市从2013年开始销售OneHope葡萄酒。

Sweet Muscat pairing with fried cheese balls/ 甜型麝香葡萄酒搭配炸芝士球

In 2014, OneHope launched the Cause Entrepreneur program to market ONEHOPE Wine directly to the consumer via personal relationships and events that raise money for important causes to event hosts. Ten percent of event sales are donated to the host’s cause of choice. In 2017, Mari Wells Coyle joined as Head Winemaker and plays an integral part in developing wine education for the brand and its direct selling platform which empowers entrepreneurs to make an impact while making an income.

2014年,OneHope发起了公益企业家项目,通过个人关系和为活动主办方筹集资金的活动,直接向消费者推销OneHope葡萄酒。活动销售额的10%将捐赠给主办方选择的事业。2017年,Mari Wells Coyle加入,担任首席酿酒师,并在为该品牌及其直销平台开发葡萄酒教育方面发挥了不可或缺的作用,使企业家能够在创收的同时产生影响力。

OneHope opened its winery in 2021 in Rutherford, CA. The winery and tasting room is designed by Howard Backen and open to OneHope’s members of the 20/20 Collective. The 20/20 Collective (named in honor of the year the winery was built) is an annual membership based with three tiers to choose from, each offering members a diversity of wines, experiences, events and other unique benefits. And opportunities to make positive impacts in a variety of ONEHOPE national causes and global initiatives.

OneHope 于 2021 年在加利福尼亚州卢瑟福开设了酒厂。 酒庄和品酒室由 Howard Backen 设计,向 OneHope 的 20/20 Collective 成员开放。 20/20 Collective(以酒庄成立年份命名)是一个年度会员制度,分为三个等级可供选择,每个等级为会员提供各种葡萄酒、体验、活动和其他独特的好处。 以及在各种 ONEHOPE 国家事业和全球倡议中产生积极影响的机会。

Tasting room/ 品酒室

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