Far Niente Winery 无为酒庄

Where History Converges with Heaven How do you begin to comprehend nature? How do you begin to understand land this beautiful, this unique, and this accomplished at producing wines of this magnitude? Far Niente is a triumph. Of beauty. Of history. Of taking what nature has offered and accomplishing a standard of winemaking that mystifies even Mother Nature. There s not one aspect of Far Niente that isn t touched by our passion and precision. From the moment we open our gates to your first sip of our wines, you are transported to a place and experience unrivaled in excellence. Discover the timeless magic of Far Niente, the Napa Valley Wine Estate.

你相信Napa有自己 的凡尔赛花园吗?意大利语有这样一句话”il bel far niente.” 或者“什么事都不做的美妙“。在纳帕谷的Oakville恰巧有这么一家酒庄叫做 “Far Niente”- 无为酒庄。 来到这家酒庄,你会觉得,在这里无所事事,虚度光阴是多么美妙的一件事!因为这里是真正的世外桃源。当你从Oakville Grade路左转,Acacia drive 将引领你通向无为酒庄,它蜿蜒曲折地被100多棵秋天金色的银杏树环绕,而Oakville 赤霞珠葡萄园的美景在道路两旁铺展而开。你即将感受到一个不同的世界,它拥有着繁茂的数以千计的亮红色和深粉色杜鹃花,精美的喷泉,碧蓝的池塘,白色的凉亭,青葱的草地,构建出一个奇迹般的世界。酒庄的主打的霞多丽和赤霞珠把纳帕谷膜拜酒的水准展露无疑,还有一款纳帕谷著名的苏黛 (Sauternes)风格顶级贵腐甜酒- Dolce,有着长达50年甚至更久的陈年潜力。酒庄繁复瑰丽的酒标设计也是让人过目不忘。

Tasting with Jess (Trade Ambassador of Far Niente Winery)

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