Winter Pruning practice in Bainbridge Vineyards- Institute of Masters of Wine Washington State Winery trip, US/ 美国华盛顿州班布里奇岛葡萄园冬季剪枝,葡萄酒大师学院活动

Bainbridge Vineyards was Established in 1977, located in Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound AVA. It is home to authenticity and craft, and produces 1,200 cases of wine annually; exclusively from its certified organic estate vineyards (Certified Organic in 2014).

班布里奇葡萄园成立于1977年,位于普吉特海湾AVA的班布里奇岛。 它专注于生产手工精酿葡萄酒,每年1200箱产量,完全来自其认证的有机葡萄园(2014年获得认证)。


Thanks to the organization by Institute of Masters of Wine, we experienced a meaningful and productive winter pruning practice in Bainbridge Vineyards under the instruction of Winery owner (both grape grower and winemaker) Betsey.


Bainbridge Island Wineries

Nestled in the heart of Puget Sound (45 minutes ferry ride from Seattle), winemaking began on Bainbridge with grapes grown right here, and has expanded to include more world-class grapes from eastern Washington. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big city and big wineries, its hands-on wineries provide intimate tasting opportunities.

坐落在普吉特海湾(Puget Sound)的心脏地带(距西雅图45分钟渡轮)。酿酒一开始使用班布里奇岛上果园生长的葡萄,到如今扩展到采用华盛顿州东部的优质葡萄。 远离大城市和大型酿酒厂的喧嚣,这些精品小酒庄给游客提供亲密无间的品尝机会。

Each winery (7 wineries in total :Amelia Wynn Winery  |  Bainbridge Vineyards  |   Eagle Harbor Wine Co.   |   Eleven Winery   |   Fletcher Bay Winery   |   Perennial Vintners   |   Rolling Bay Winery ) has a passion for making great wine with handcrafted style. All wines are unique and provide a truly one of a kind tasting experience. 

每个酒庄(总共7个酒庄:Amelia Wynn Winery  |  Bainbridge Vineyards  |   Eagle Harbor Wine Co.   |   Eleven Winery   |   Fletcher Bay Winery   |   Perennial Vintners   |   Rolling Bay Winery )都对手工酿制优质葡萄酒充满热情。 所有葡萄酒都是特殊的,给游客提供了真正的独一无二品尝体验。

More information please visit/更多信息请访问班布里奇岛葡萄酒网站:

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