Oregon Wine Symposium 2020, Portland, US/ 2020 俄勒冈州葡萄酒论坛,美国波特兰

The Oregon Wine Symposium is organized by the Oregon Wine Board and Oregon Winegrowers Association in partnership with event organizers Social Enterprises. This year the Symposium is held on 11 & 12 February.

“俄勒冈州葡萄酒论坛” 由 “俄勒冈州葡萄酒委员会” 和 “俄勒冈州葡萄种植者协会” 合作组织。今年论坛于2月 11 &12 日举办。

The symposium covers various seminars, topics including wine education, latest legal issues, social media promotion, pest & disease research, prevention & control, winemaking skill & methods, contemporary issues etc; it also exhibits viticulture equipments, barrels/ oak additives, Anti-seismic device , new packaging etc.; and of course Oregon wine tastings.


It is a diverse and colorful symposium with local Oregon characters. I encountered some famous faces such as the first Masters of Wine in US- Tim Hanni MW, who is promoting his new wine education website: www.winebusinesseducation.com, and new Chinese Version book of <Why you like the wine you like>. I am lucky enough to received the first even signed version book since published.

论坛丰富多彩且具有当地特色。偶遇了很多业内知名人士,如 蒂姆. 汉尼 (美国第一位葡萄酒大师),正在发行他新的葡萄酒教育网站:www.winebusinesseducation.com 和中文版新书-《爱你所爱》(<Why you like the wine you like>)。我很荣幸得到上市以来第一本签名版。

Symposium Official Website/论坛官方网站: https://www.oregonwinesymposium.com/ows20/340369

Photo with Tim Hanni MW/ 与蒂姆. 汉尼 合影

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