Grgich Hills Estate, Napa, US/ 格吉驰黑尔酒庄,美国纳帕谷

Grgich Hills Estate is a winery located in Rutherford, California in the heart of the Napa Valley. The winery changed its name in 2006 when it first began producing only “estate grown” wines made from grapes grown exclusively in vineyards owned by the winery. The Napa Valley Wine Train has a passenger stop located at Grgich Hills Estate. Grgich Hills’ vineyards are certified organic and biodynamic and it converted to solar energy in 2006.

格吉驰黑尔酒庄 (之前叫做“格吉驰黑尔酒窖”)位于美国加州纳帕谷中心的卢瑟福镇。酒庄2006年更名,也是从这时开始完全用自己庄园的葡萄酿制葡萄酒。著名的纳帕谷葡萄酒小火车有一站停在这个酒庄。酒庄的葡萄园从2006年完全转变为太阳能功能和生物动力学种植法。

The winery was born on July 4, 1977. Winemaker Mike Grgich had gained international recognition at the historic Paris judgement Wine Tasting of 1976 when the Chardonnay he produced at Chateau Montelena won first prize among white wines. Grgich and Austin Hills (of Hills Brothers Coffee) soon became business partners and established Grgich Hills Cellar on July 4, 1977. The name Grgich Hills does not describe a geographical feature but is instead a combination of the names of the winery’s founders.

早在1976年巴黎葡萄酒评审中, 酿酒师 麦克. 格吉驰 先生以一瓶酿造的霞多丽享誉全球-获得比赛中白葡萄酒的第一名,当时他还在蒙特利纳城堡酒庄担任酿酒师。1977年4月,格吉驰黑尔酒庄诞生。格吉驰先生 和 奥斯汀.黑尔先生(黑尔兄弟咖啡)成为商业伙伴创立了格吉驰黑尔酒窖-以商业伙伴名字命名的酒庄。

Photo with Ivo Jeramaz- the 3rd generation of Grgich Hills Estate
与 伊沃·杰拉玛兹 先生的合照-格吉驰黑尔酒庄第三代传人
Mr. Mike Grgich, standing in typical Napa Valley Vineyard which is full of Mustard flowers
麦克. 格吉驰黑尔先生,在金黄色芥末花绽放的葡萄园
Tasting lines of wines from Grgich Hills Estates, full of minerality and complexity which are balanced perfectly with high refreshing acidity.
In the middle is a bottle of Croatian wine (Plavac Mali) from Grgich Family’s winery in Dalmatia region of Croatia.
正中间是一瓶克罗地亚葡萄酒 (Plavac Mali),来自 格吉驰黑尔家族 在 克罗地亚 达尔马提亚 地区的酒庄。
A signed gift bottle sent by generous Mr. Ivo Jeramaz- Grgich Hills 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon
伊沃·杰拉玛兹 先生慷慨地赠送了一瓶 签名版 格吉驰黑尔酒庄 2009年份 赤霞珠
Mr. Ivo Jeramaz is curious about Chinese wine as well, we tasted a bottle of
2016 Domaine Monluxe (left) Cabernet Sauvignon (75%) and Merlot (25%) blend together, from a fourth growth winery in Ningxia region, China.
伊沃·杰拉玛兹 先生对中国葡萄酒也很是好奇,我们一起品尝了一瓶
2016年份 宁夏产区名麓酒庄 赤霞珠 (75%)和 梅洛(25%)混酿,宁夏四级庄之一。

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