Vineyard 7 & 8, Spring Mountain, Napa/ 7 & 8 酒庄,纳帕谷温泉山,美国加州

After a measured and patient search for a vineyard property in the Napa Valley, the Steffens Family ended their quest when they acquired a forty-acre property atop Spring Mountain. Planted in the early 1980’s to eight acres of each Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, the property met the family’s stringent requirements to sustainably grow premium grapes allowing them to craft wines with a true sense of place.

Founded in 1999 and named after proprietor Launny Steffens’ life and background in the world of finance with a theme encompassed by numerics, and a keen interest in numerology — “seven” being a number of luck in western culture, while “eight” follows the meanings of prosperity and happiness in eastern culture — Vineyard 7 & 8 is the culmination of the family’s pursuit for producing fine wines including Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.


经过认真而耐心的寻找,Steffens家族在纳帕谷温泉山上挑中了一块40英亩的葡萄园。 该酒庄于1980年代初期种植了各8英亩优质的赤霞珠和霞多丽,该品质满足了他们对可持续种植优质葡萄的严格要求,从而够酿造出带有当地风土感觉的葡萄酒。

该酒庄成立于1999年,以老板 Launny Steffens 在金融界的生活和背景命名,其主题包括数字,以及其对命理学的浓厚兴趣 – “七”代表西方文化中的好运气,而“八”则代表东方文化中的繁荣与幸福的 – 7 和 8 葡萄园代表了该家族追求优质赤霞珠和霞多丽葡萄酒的结晶。


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