Twomey Winery, Calistoga, Napa, US/ 图米酒庄,卡利斯托加,美国纳帕谷

Twomey Cellars is a California winery. It was established in 1999 by the Duncan Family, who have operated the successful Silver Oak Cellars in California since 1972. The Duncan Family started Twomey Cellars to pursue varietals other than Cabernet Sauvignon. Twomey has two wineries; one in Calistoga in the Napa Valley, and one in Healdsburg in the Russian River Valley, and produces mainly Pinot noir, Merlot and Sauvignon blanc. Twomey’s Sauvignon blanc is a blend of Sauvignon blanc grapes From their estate vineyards at their wineries in Napa Valley and Russian River Valley.

Twomey is named after Ray Duncan’s mother, Velma Marie Twomey Duncan. Nate Weis is Director of Winemaking for both Twomey and Silver Oak. In 2007, Twomey hired Ben Cane, a Pinot noir specialist who became Twomey’s Pinot noir and Sauvignon blanc Winemaker In 2008. Twomey’s 2009 Russian River Valley Pinot noir was awarded first place in the American Wine Society’s National Tasting Project in 2012. In 2012, world-renowned winemaker Jean-Claude Berrouet joined Twomey as a consultant, and Erin Miller succeeded Cane As winemaker in July 2014. As of 2017 Twomey produces about 20,000 cases a year.

图米酒庄位于加利福尼亚。它由邓肯家族(Duncan Family)于1999年成立,邓肯家族从1972年开始在加利福尼亚成功经营了银橡树酒庄。邓肯家族成立图米酒庄以追求赤霞珠以外的其他品种。 Twomey有两个酿酒厂,一个在纳帕谷的卡利斯托加,一个在俄罗斯河谷的希尔兹堡,主要生产黑比诺,梅洛和长相思。 Twomey的长相思(Sauvignon blanc)是由来自纳帕谷和俄罗斯河谷葡萄园的葡萄混合酿制。

Twomey以Ray Duncan的母亲Velma Marie Twomey Duncan的名字命名。 Nate Weis是Twomey和Silver Oak的酿酒总监。 2007年,Twomey聘请了黑皮诺(Pinot Noir)专家本·坎恩(Ben Cane),他负责酿制Twomey的黑皮诺和长相思。2008年,Twomey的2009年俄罗斯河谷黑皮诺被评为美国葡萄酒协会2012年国家品酒计划的第一名。2012年,全世界著名的酿酒师让·克劳德·贝鲁埃(Jean-Claude Berrouet)加入了Twomey担任顾问,Erin Miller于2014年7月接替 Cane 成为酿酒师。截至2017年,Twomey年产量约为20,000箱。

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