The Prisoner Winery, Napa/ 囚徒酒庄,美国加州纳帕谷

The Prisoner Wine Company is named after the flagship wine that founding winemaker Dave Phinney originally produced with his inaugural release from 2000, a mere 385 cases. Dave ultimately sold The Prisoner to Huneeus Vintners (owners of Rutherford based Quintessa Winery) in 2010 at which point the brand was producing around 85,000 cases of wine each year. Huneeus Vintners grew the brand to some 170,000 cases before selling it in 2016 to the current owner, Constellation Brands (parent company of Robert Mondavi Winery along with 50% ownership of Opus One).

囚徒酒庄 以其旗舰葡萄酒的名字命名,该葡萄酒是创始人酿酒师戴夫·菲尼(Dave Phinney)最初从2000年就职发布的,仅生产了385箱。 Dave最终于2010年将The Prisoner卖给了Huneeus Vintners(位于卢瑟福的Quintessa Winery酒庄的所有者),那时该品牌每年生产约85,000箱葡萄酒。 Huneeus Vintners 将该品牌发展到大约170,000箱,然后在2016年将其出售给现任所有者Constellation Brands(Robert Mondavi Winery的母公司以及Opus One的50%所有权)。

In a remarkable feel-good story of what comes around goes around, Dave Phinney began his wine career at Robert Mondavi Winery as a temporary harvest intern in 1997 working several hours every day during the graveyard shift in the winery doing punch-downs and pump overs. With Mondavi’s encouragement, in 1997 Dave made a barrel of wine from second crop grapes and the next year produced his first vintage of a label he ultimately became well known for, Orin Swift. He wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the wine, so Dave sold that vintage on the bulk market (Orin Swift is now owned by E & J Gallo Winery). Little did either Mondavi or Phinney know that eventually both would again be linked based on Phinney’s remarkable success with The Prisoner wines.

A gifted blender of both varieties and regions, Dave built his reputation on creating fruit forward (often higher alcohol), approachable blended wines. His winemaking has never been constrained by specific varieties or geographical places. To complement his creativity with winemaking – his wines incorporate extremely creative, unique and often eye catching labels. And he is a master marketer – helped by the fact his wines are reasonably priced based on quality.

戴夫·芬尼(Dave Phinney)从1997年开始他的葡萄酒职业生涯,在罗伯特·蒙达维酒庄(Robert Mondavi Winery)担任临时收获实习生 。在蒙大维(Mondavi)的鼓励下,1997年,戴夫(Dave)用次等葡萄酿造了一桶葡萄酒,第二年又生产了他的第一个年份的葡萄酒,最终以奥林·斯威夫特(Orin Swift)闻名。他对葡萄酒的质量不满意,因此戴夫(Dave)在散装市场上出售了该年份的葡萄酒(奥林·斯威夫特(Orin Swift)现在由E&J Gallo Winery拥有)。蒙达维(Mondavi)和芬尼(Phinney)当时不知道,最终由于芬尼(Pinney)的囚徒(Prisoner)葡萄酒的出色成就,两者最终将再次联系在一起。


Looking for a home for The Prisoner Wine Co after recognizing a need to showcase the portfolio, Constellation Brands closed Franciscan Winery in October 2018 and spent the next year completely renovating and remodeling both the exterior and interior space. The hospitality center opened to the public in early November 2018 on site of the former Franciscan Winery in Rutherford.

This property has a long history – in 1975 Ray Duncan and Justin Meyer (co-founders of Silver Oak Winery) purchased what was the then bankrupt Franciscan Winery and made both Silver Oak and the Franciscan wines here for a number of years. By 1979 Silver Oak sold the Franciscan property but continued to make the Silver Oak wines at Franciscan for several more years.

In 1985 Augustin Huneeus (founder of Quintessa Winery in Rutherford) became a partner and acting president of Franciscan Estates. He sold his interest in Franciscan in 1999 at which point Franciscan Estate was acquired by Canandaigua Wine Co – later changing their name to Constellation Brands.

在意识到有必要展示囚徒产品之后,星座集团为The Prisoner Wine Co.寻找了一个家-于2018年10月关闭了 Franciscan 酒庄,并在第二年彻底翻新并重塑了室内外空间。该接待中心于2018年11月上旬在卢瑟福的 前Franciscan 酒庄向公众开放。

该酒庄历史悠久-1975年,雷·邓肯(Ray Duncan)和贾斯汀·梅尔(Justin Meyer)(银橡树酒庄的联合创始人)购买了当时破产的 Franciscan 酒庄,并在这里生产了多年的银橡树和 Franciscan 葡萄酒。到1979年,Silver Oak 出售了 Franciscan 酒庄,但继续在 Franciscan酿了几年酒。

1985年,Augustin Huneeus(卢瑟福的Quintessa Winery创始人)成为 Franciscan 庄园的合伙人和代理总裁。他于1999年出售了自己在 Franciscan 的权益,那时 Franciscan 庄园被Canandaigua Wine Co.收购,后来将其更名为 “星座集团”。

Those who visited Franciscan who now come to The Prisoner Wine Co will no longer recognize the interior of the hospitality center. The fountain in the front is gone and the dated tasting room has been completely modernized. A small demonstration vineyard is located next to the main parking lot which guests can wander through at their leisure – the prominent wooden ‘Rutherford’ bench remains from the Franciscan days containing name plaques of those who worked at least 20 years at Franciscan.

The Prisoner Wine Co sources from numerous vineyard sites both in the Napa Valley and from neighboring counties. They often work with small family owned vineyards – at last count, they purchase fruit from some 80 vineyards within Napa Valley and approximately 50 vineyard sites outside of the valley.

那些访问过 Franciscan 的人现在来到囚徒葡萄酒公司(The Prisoner Wine Co),已经认不出接待中心的内部。前面的喷泉不见了,过时的品酒室已经完全现代化。主停车场旁有一个小型示范葡萄园,客人可以在闲暇时逛逛。著名的木制“卢瑟福”长椅是 Franciscan 时代留下的,上面刻有在 Franciscan 工作至少20年员工的名字。

Prisoner Wine Co 购买来自纳帕谷和邻近县众多葡萄园的葡萄。他们通常与小型家族拥有的葡萄园合作,从纳帕谷内约80个葡萄园和谷外约50个葡萄园购买葡萄。

 Tasting Notes by Cherie

2017 No. 39007 Chenin Blanc $37

Oily structure with honey, honeysuckle, nectarine, white tea, Jasmine adds to it body, balanced with warm alcohol (14.5%), juicy acid brings freshness into it.

2016 The snitch Chardonnay $35

Ripe stone fruits with opulent toastiness, warm alcohol of 14.5%, mature moderate acid, mingle with caramel, vanilla and toffee flavors on the palate. Round and rich.

2017 Eternally Silenced Pinot Noir $50

Fresh basket of ripe berries- black, blue and red (cherry, strawberry, blueberryC blackberry, mulberry etv.) with delicate French oak influence (vanilla and clove). Wild yet sweet, 14.5% alcohol, refreshing acidity elevates the structure.

2017 Prisoner Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Syrah, Charbono blend

Plumy, pruny, sweet dried bell pepper, hay, hint of toffee and caramel are consistent with its sweet sensation on the palate, and surprisingly high alcohol (15.2%). I believe it will be a good companion for those spicy lovers to match with spicy hot pot.

2016 Cuttings Cabernet Sauvignon $55

Mature and deep black fruits- plums, prunes, black currant, sweets &grilled bell pepper, hay, black tea. A riper and sweet version of Cabernet Sauvignon, with waves of sweet spices blowing through, which add to its complexity.

2016 Headlock Charbono $60

Candy, bubble gum, juicy flavors of black grape, mulberry, cherry. Firm tannin with throat warming alcohol, combined with strong acid and juicy texture. A sweet and strong wine.

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