Kenzo Estate Winery, Wild Horse Valley, Napa/ 高田贤三酒庄,纳帕野马谷,美国加州

Kenzo Estate was founded by Mr. Kenzo Tsujimoto and his wife Natsuko. Kenzo is a long time entrepreneur, born in Kashihara, Nara prefecture, Japan (about a 45-60 minute drive outside of Osaka) and businessman whose career began in 1966 when he opened a confectionery store in Osaka – then began selling cotton candy machines followed by gaming machines. His success in sales led him to start a gaming production company in 1974 called IPM Co., Ltd – four years later the wildly popular Space Invaders arcade game was released and IPM benefited greatly from the sales of this game.

Kenzo then founded Capcom Co., Ltd in 1979 in Osaka Japan – initially focusing on arcade machines but with the popularity of Nintendo gaming systems, soon changed their business strategy to produce games for Nintendo and developed Mega Man, Street Fighter and Resident Evil. Several years later Capcom Co., Ltd opened a subsidiary of the company in California’s Silicon Valley.

Kenzo Estate 由 Kenzo Tsujimoto 先生和他的妻子夏子(Natsuko)创立。 Kenzo是一位长期企业家和商人,出生于日本奈良县喀原市(距大阪市外约45-60分钟车程),他的职业生涯始于1966年,当时他在大阪开设了一家糖果店,随后开始销售棉花糖机。通过游戏机。他的销售成功使他于1974年成立了一家游戏制作公司,名为IPM Co.,Ltd。四年后,广受欢迎的Space Invaders 街机游戏发布了,IPM从这款游戏的销售中获利丰厚。

Kenzo于1979年在日本大阪成立了Capcom Co.,Ltd-最初专注于街机游戏,但随着Nintendo游戏系统的普及,不久便改变了其业务战略,为制作Nintendo游戏,并开发了《洛克人》,《街头霸王》和《生化危机》。几年后,Capcom有限公司在加利福尼亚州的硅谷开设了该公司的子公司。

Kenzo has traveled the world and has enjoyed wine for many years. He visited the Napa Valley numerous times before acquiring this piece of property in 1990. Prior to his ownership the land served as an equestrian center; in 1984 the Olympic US Polo team trained here. One of their vineyards is even referred to as the Polo Field Vineyard. The property was originally planted to vines in 1998 and the first vintage was released in 2005 (in the early years the wines were made at another winery as Kenzo’s own winery was not yet built).

This is one of the Napa Valley’s largest winery estate properties, but despite its size is still under the radar for most visitors to the valley. Kenzo Estate is located on 3,800 acres in the hills above Monticello Road (Highway 121) heading towards Lake Berryessa (only about a 20 minute drive from downtown Napa). The property is in the southern end of the Vaca Mountain range on the southeastern side of the valley. There are no other wineries in the immediate region.


这是纳帕谷最大的酒庄,尽管它的规模巨大,仍然吸引着大多数参观该谷的游客。 Kenzo Estate位于Monticello Road(121号公路)上方的山丘中3,800英亩的土地,朝Berryessa湖(距纳帕市区仅20分钟车程)。该酒庄位于山谷东南侧的瓦卡山脉(Vaca Mountain)山脉的南端。附近没有其他酿酒厂。

Tasting notes by Cherie

2018 asatsuyu Sauvignon Blanc

Fresh fruitiness of grapefruit, peach, goose berry, delicate vegetal nose of green grass and beans, as well as hint of tropical fruits- pineapple. More of a Loire Valley flavor style SB but with higher alcohol (14.2%). Pleasant nose and refreshing taste.

2016 Rindo red blend

48% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Merlot, 8% Malbec, 8% Petit Verdot, 4 % Cabernet Franc

Intense fig, plums, prunes, vanilla, toast, cloves, cigar flavors from the M+ tosted French Oak. Silky tannin and vivid acidity elevate the structure; warm alcohol(15.2%) balances well with the intense fruitiness.

2016 Murasaki Proprietary Red

57% Merlot with Other Bordeaux varieties

Great depth of ripe red and black fruitiness of cherry, with waves of licorice, violet and pencil shaves contributes to its freshness and lithe feeling. Balanced structure with alcohol of 15.2%. Sweet yet mature, soft yet powerful.

2016 ai Cabernet Sauvignon

87% Cabernet Sauvignon

Black flavors of black olives, black plums, black berry, black licorice, black tea, black current, black pepper, hay etc. Combined with balanced strong alcohol (15.2%) and mature acidity. A strong wine with long aging potential for sure.

2018 Yui Rose

50% Malbec, 25% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc

Light Salmon color, fruitiness combined with savoriness of nectarine, orange, apricot and creamy mushroom soup, hint of white truffle, white pepper. Press first, then ReIntroducing the skins to the juice for 30 minutes then free run the juice. 14.2% alcohol.

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