Kanpai Wine Estate, Napa, US/ 干杯酒庄,美国纳帕谷

Kanpai- Japanese for “cheers”. A simple word that means so much more to us. It means celebration. It means family and togetherness. It means sharing life with the people you love. We chose this word to represent our winery as a reminder of home, to honor our friends and family.

Kanpai-日语为“干杯”。 一个简单的词对我们意味着更多。 这意味着庆祝。 这意味着家庭和团结。 这意味着与您爱的人分享生活。 我们选择这个词来代表我们的酒庄,以提醒人们家乡,荣誉我们的朋友和家人。

Our mission is to devote ourselves to crafting wines imbued with a sense of time and place, wines that make you feel at home wherever you are. We believe in making wines meant to be shared around the dinner table with the ones you love. Above all, we want to craft meaningful experiences and memories that will last long after your glass is empty.

我们的使命是致力于酿造出充满时空感的葡萄酒,使您无论身在何处都感到宾至如归。 我们相信酿制葡萄酒的目的是与您所爱的人在餐桌旁共享。 最重要的是,我们希望创造有意义的经验和记忆,这些经验和记忆将在您的杯子倒空后持续很长时间。

The winemaker- Steve Matthiasson

酿酒师- 史蒂夫·马蒂亚森

The ”Wine Salon“ with Author of “Drops of God”


The Owner- Chiang Family from Taiwan and Japan

庄园主人-姜家族成员 (来自台湾和日本)

Photo with Author of “Drops of God”


“The secret train room” in the estate


WineSalon Blind Tasting Game inspired by “Drops of God”


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