Dandong, Liaoning, China/ 丹东,中国辽宁

Dandong, formerly known as Andong, is a prefecture-level city in southeastern Liaoning province, People’s Republic of China.

It is the largest Chinese border city, facing Sinuiju, North Korea across the Yalu River, which demarcates the Sino-North Korean border. To the southwest of the city, the river flows into Korea Bay. Dandong has therefore had a dynamic history because of its strategic location for the northeast’s rich natural resources and because of its convenient access to the ocean. It is designated as a major export production centre for the province, and is a port city connected by rail with Shenyang and Sinuiju. A significant amount of trade with North Korea flows through the city.


它是中国最大的边境城市,横跨鸭绿江,面向朝鲜新义州,鸭绿江划定了中朝边界。 在城市的西南部,这条河流入韩国湾。 丹东有着悠久的历史,它也拥有东北丰富的自然资源的战略位置,以及便利的出海通道。 它被指定为辽宁省的主要出口生产中心,并且是通过铁路与沈阳和新义州相连的港口城市,与朝鲜的大量贸易流经该市。

Gushan Temple: The most effective temple locally, most of the local immortals are inshrined inside


The broken bridge of Yalu River/ 鸭绿江断桥

Seaside Fisherman Restaurant: offering wide range of fresh local seafood

海边渔家餐厅: 供应各类当地新鲜海鲜

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