Ningxia Winery Tour 2019/ 2019 宁夏酒庄行

Domaine MonLuxe- a 3rd Growth winery in Ningxia/ 名麓酒庄-宁夏三级酒庄

Legacy Peak Winery- a 2nd growth winery in Ningxia/ 留世酒庄- 宁夏二级酒庄之一

The most delicious roasted whole lamb in Ningxia made in Legacy Peak Winery! 宁夏最美味的烤全羊-出自留世酒庄!

The other treasure from Ningxia- Selenium Watermelon- grow from Stones!


Changyu Moser XV winery- a 4th growth winery in Ningxia

张裕摩塞尔十五世酒庄- 宁夏四级酒庄之一

Holly Fun Winery- a 3rd growth winery in Ningxia/ 贺兰芳华酒庄- 宁夏三级酒庄之一

Jinyuan Winery- a 4th growth winery in Ningxia/ 金元酒庄- 宁夏四级酒庄之一

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