Tarnave DOC, Transylvania, Romania/ Tarnave 法定葡萄酒产区,特兰西瓦尼亚,罗马尼亚

Romania is eastern Europe’s most important wine producer quantitatively, while its quality of wine has improved considerably in recent years.

Transylvania is the high central region producing predominantly white wines. The most important wine region is Tarnave, with its subregions of Jidvei, Blaj, and Medias. Other DOC zones include Alba Iulia, Alba, Aiud, and Lechinta to the north with Sebes-Apold in the south west. Some the of coolest vineyards exist here with elevation of 500 meters.

The most common white varieties are Feteasca Regala and Feteasca Alba, as well as Traminer, Sauvignon Blanc, and recently some successful Pinot Noir, and even some Zweigelt and Merlot. Romania’s largest vineyard owner is Jidvei with 2460 hectares although several smaller estates such as Liliac at Lechinta and Villa Vinea in Tarnave have emerged.


特兰西瓦尼亚位于中部高地,主要生产白葡萄酒。 最重要的葡萄酒产区是Tarnave,其子区域为Jidvei,Blaj和Medias。 其他DOC区域包括北部的Alba Iulia,Alba,Aiud和Lechinta以及西南部的Sebes-Apold。 这里有一些最凉爽的葡萄园,海拔高达500米。

最常见的白色品种是 Feteasca Regala和 Feteasca Alba,以及Traminer,Sauvignon Blanc,最近还有一些成功的Pinot Noir,甚至还有一些 Zweigelt 和 Merlot。 罗马尼亚最大的葡萄园拥有者是Jidvei,占地2460公顷。此外,还有些较小的庄园,如 Lechinta的 Liliac和 Tarnave的Villa Vinea。

Spectacular view in Villa Vinea/ Villa Vinea 酒庄壮阔的景观

The local signature varieties- Feteasca Regala and Feteasca Neagra

当地著名葡萄品种-Feteasca Regala 和 Feteasca Neagra

Tarnave Boutique Winery- Petry/ Tarnave 精品小酒庄-Petry

With Petry’s winemaker/ 与Petry 酒庄的酿酒师

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