Sighisoara & Sibiu old town, Romania/ 锡吉什瓦拉 & 锡比乌老城,罗马尼亚

A true gem of a town, Sighisoara’s best known resident may well be Dracula but leave the legend behind and you’ll discover one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. The center of Sighisoara, with its cobbled streets, towers and burgher houses is best explored on foot. Also make sure to enjoy the view from the Clock Tower and climb up the Scholar’s Stairs. Built in 1642, this covered staircase was built to protect schoolchildren and churchgoers on their winter climb to study or pray. As a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll find there’s much to discover from the Church on the Hill with its 500-year-old frescoes to the Church of the Dominican Monastery, known for its renaissance carved altarpiece, baroque pulpit and 17th century organ. Although you could cover the main sites in the city in a few hours, Sighisoara is an excellent place to have some relaxing down time and staying overnight means you’ll experience it at calm and quiet at night, after the day-trippers have gone.


Sibiu is one of Europe’s most idyllic cities and the pedestrian friendly streets make it a stroller’s paradise. Most of the major historic sights are in Upper Town while Lower’s streets are lined with colorful buildings and surrounded by the city’s walls and defense towers. After your tour take a break on the Great Square, center of city life. Top of our to do list in Sibiu is to climb the clock tower and get an all-round view over the city. Culture plays a big part in Sibiu’s character, it was European City of Culture in 2007 after all, and there is a rich calendar of events. As well as the attractions of Sibiu itself you’re also perfectly located to strike out on day trips to places like Alba Iulia, a beautiful town with Romanesque architecture, a monastery and city walls and the Gothic-Renaissance Corvin Castle.

锡比乌是欧洲最田园诗般的城市之一,步行友好的街道使其成为婴儿车的天堂。 大部分主要历史景点都位于上城区,而下城的街道两旁则是色彩缤纷的建筑,周围环绕着城市的城墙和防御塔。 游览结束后,在大广场,城市生活中心休息一下。 我们在锡比乌的待办事项列表是爬上钟楼,全方位俯瞰整个城市。 文化在锡比乌的性格中扮演着重要的角色,毕竟它是2007年的欧洲文化之城,并且有丰富的活动日程。 除了锡比乌本身的景点外,您还可以前往阿尔巴尤利亚(Alba Iulia),一个拥有罗马式建筑的美丽小镇,修道院和城墙以及哥特文艺复兴时期的科文城堡(Corvin Castle)等一日游。

Sighisoara/ 锡吉什瓦拉

Sibiu/ 锡比乌

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