Bergen, Norway/ 卑尔根,挪威

Bergen is a city and municipality in Hordaland on the west coast of Norway. Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway. The municipality covers 465 square kilometres (180 sq mi) and is on the peninsula of Bergenshalvøyen. The city centre and northern neighbourhoods are on Byfjorden, ‘the city fjord’, and the city is surrounded by mountains; Bergen is known as the ‘city of seven mountains’. Many of the extra-municipal suburbs are on islands.

卑尔根是挪威西海岸霍达兰的一个城市和自治市。卑尔根是挪威第二大城市。该市占地465平方公里(180平方英里),位于Bergenshalvøyen半岛。市中心和北部街区位于Byfjorden,“城市峡湾”,城市四面环山; 卑尔根被称为“七座山之城”。许多市外郊区都在岛上。

Trading in Bergen may have started as early as the 1020s. According to tradition, the city was founded in 1070 by king Olav Kyrre and was named Bjørgvin, ‘the green meadow among the mountains’. It served as Norway’s capital in the 13th century, and from the end of the 13th century became a bureau city of the Hanseatic League. Until 1789, Bergen enjoyed exclusive rights to mediate trade between Northern Norway and abroad and it was the largest city in Norway until the 1830s when it was overtaken by the capital, Christiania (now known as Oslo). What remains of the quays, Bryggen, is a World Heritage Site. The city was hit by numerous fires over the years.

早在1020年代,卑尔根的交易可能已经开始。根据传统,这座城市由国王奥拉夫·基尔(Olav Kyrre)于1070年建立,并被命名为Bjørgvin- “山间的绿色草地”。它在13世纪成为挪威的首都,并从13世纪末成为汉萨同盟的一个统治中心。直到1789年,卑尔根享有调解挪威北部与国外贸易的专有权,直到19世纪30年代,它被挪威首都克里斯蒂安尼亚(现称奥斯陆)所取代,成为挪威最大的城市。布莱根(Bryggen)的遗址仍然是世界遗产。多年来,这座城市遭受了数次火灾。

The city is an international center for aquaculture, shipping, the offshore petroleum industry and subsea technology, and a national centre for higher education, media, tourism and finance. Bergen Port is Norway’s busiest in terms of both freight and passengers, with over 300 cruise ship calls a year bringing nearly a half a million passengers to Bergen, a number that has doubled in 10 years. Almost half of the passengers are German or British. The city’s main football team is SK Brann and a unique tradition of the city is the buekorps. Natives speak a distinct dialect, known as ‘Bergensk’. The city features Bergen Airport, Flesland and Bergen Light Rail, and is the terminus of the Bergen Line. Four large bridges connect Bergen to its suburban municipalities.

该市是水产养殖,航运,近海石油工业和海底技术的国际中心,也是国家高等教育,媒体,旅游和金融中心。卑尔根港是挪威货运和乘客最繁忙的港口,每年有超过300个游轮航班,为卑尔根带来了近50万乘客,这一数字在10年内翻了一番。几乎一半的乘客是德国人或英国人。这个城市的主要足球队是SK Brann。当地人讲一种独特的方言,被称为“Bergensk”。该市拥有卑尔根机场,弗莱斯兰和卑尔根轻轨,是卑尔根线的终点。四座大桥将卑尔根与其郊区城市连接起来。

Bergen has a mild winter climate, though with a lot of precipitation. From December to March, Bergen can be, in rare cases, up to 20 °C warmer than Oslo, even though both cities are at about 60° North. The Gulf Stream keeps the sea relatively warm, considering the latitude, and the mountains protect the city from cold winds from the north, north-east and east.


The Seafood Market/ 海鲜市场

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