LEGOLAND, Billund, Denmark/ 乐高乐园,丹麦比伦德

Legoland Billund, the original Legoland park, opened on 7 June 1968 in Billund, Denmark. The park is located next to the original Lego factory and Billund Airport, Denmark’s second-busiest airport. Over 1.9 million guests visited the park in 2011 and since the opening more than 50 million guests have visited the park. This makes Legoland the largest tourist attraction in Denmark outside Copenhagen. The Legoland parks that have since been built are modelled upon Legoland Billund, most noticeably the Miniland area, which is made up of millions of plastic Lego bricks.

最初的乐高乐园Legoland Billund于1968年6月7日在丹麦比隆开放。 该公园毗邻最初的乐高工厂和丹麦第二繁忙的机场比隆机场。 2011年有超过190万游客参观了公园,自开业以来,已有超过5000万游客参观了公园。 这使得乐高乐园成为丹麦哥本哈根以外最大的旅游景点。 此后建成的乐高乐园以Legoland Billund为蓝本,最引人注目的是Miniland地区,该地区由数百万塑料乐高积木组成。

The Lego company, led by Ole Kirk Christiansen, introduced plastic toys alongside their existing wooden toy line in 1949 after purchasing one of the first injection moulding machines in 1947. One son, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (GKC), was named the managing director of the family business in 1957 shortly before his father died and just two years later he bought out his three brothers. In the 1960s, GKC decided to open a 14-acre (5.7 ha) Legoland Park adjacent to the Lego factory in Billund to promote his toy business; the factory itself was already drawing approximately 20,000 visitors per year by the mid-1960s, who came to view models produced for trade shows and shops. GKC hired Arnold Boutrop as the park’s first general director and designer; after visiting Madurodam, the two men began finalizing plans for what would become Miniland, the main attraction of Legoland. Dagny Holm, a cousin of GKC trained as a sculptor who was hired as a model designer in 196 is credited with much of the original design and building of Miniland. The park became an instant success, with 625,000 visitors in its first abbreviated season after opening on 7 June 1968.

Over the years, Legoland Billund has added many original models and rides. The park, which has now been expanded to cover 45 acres (18 ha), is divided into nine themed areas, including Duplo Land, Imagination Zone, LEGOREDO Town, Adventure Land, Lego City, Knight’s Kingdom, Mini Land, Pirate Land, and Polar Land.

由Ole Kirk Christiansen领导的Lego公司在1947年购买了第一台注塑机之后,于1949年推出了塑料玩具和现有的木制玩具系列。 1957年,去世前不久,他的一个儿子-Godtfred Kirk Christiansen(GKC)被任命为该家族的总经理,两年后他买下了他三个兄弟的资产。在20世纪60年代,GKC决定在比隆的乐高工厂附近开设一个占地14英亩(5.7公顷)的乐高乐园,宣传他的玩具商业; 到20世纪60年代中期,工厂本身已经吸引了大约2万名游客,他们前来观看为贸易展览和商店制作的模型。GKC聘请Arnold Boutrop作为公园的第一任总导演和设计师; 在参观了马德罗丹之后,这两个人开始确定将成为乐高乐园主要景点Miniland的计划。GKC的表弟Dagny Holm是一名雕塑家,曾被聘为”196″的模型设计师,他主要负责设计和建造了Miniland。该公园瞬间取得了成功,在1968年6月7日开放后的第一个季节就有高达62.5万名的游客。

多年来,Legoland Billund增加了许多模型和游乐设施。该公园现已扩建至占地45英亩(18公顷),分为九个主题区,包括Duplo Land,Imagination Zone,LEGOREDO Town,Adventure Land,Lego City,Knight’s Kingdom,Mini Land,Pirate Land,and Polar Land。

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