Xin Jiang Wine Regions, China/ 中国新疆葡萄酒产区

Xin Jiang, located in the extreme northwest of the country, occupies 1/6 of the total area of China. It has typical Continental climate with extreme cold Winter (below 20 Celsius Degrees) and hot Summer, and the vines need to be protected and buried to ground since mid- Autumn each year (usually around Mid-November). The semi-dessert condition provides sandy soil with great drainage. Although comparably short growing season, the strong sunlight, long sunshine hours and great temperature difference between day and night result mature grapes with refreshing acidity.

Around 25% of China’s vineyards (300 wineries in Xin Jiang) are planted in this region, and the region is still expanding its vineyard size and area. Due to the vast and spacious landscape, vineyards are sitting all across the province. Although most of the grapes are used to make raisons before, wine has been made thousands of years ago, but not till 1980s, winery development has started. Loulan Winery, located in Tulufan, is one of the most historic winery started since 1982. Other famous wineries include: Tiansai Winery, Xuanyan Winery, Zhongfei Winery, Guofei Winery, Xiangdu Winery etc.

Tiansai Winery


Xuanyan Winery


Xiangdu Winery


Zhongfei Winery and its winemaker- Yan Zhang


Guofei Winery and its Owner- Bo Zhang & Winemaker- Mr. Chen 


International military competition


US Chinese Women Organization gathered in Xin Jiang Province



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