Bonhams Fine and Rare Wine Auction- San Francisco, LA, London, Hongkong/邦瀚斯顶级稀有葡萄酒拍卖会- 旧金山,洛杉矶,香港,伦敦

Bonhams International Wine & Spirit Department holds approximately 18 sales a year in the UK, US and Hong Kong.

邦瀚斯 国际葡萄酒和烈酒部门有着18 年的销售历史,分别在英国,美国和香港。

The department is headed by Master of Wine, Richard Harvey. The London team also includes experienced specialists Harriet Joll, Jerome Fouillade, Tim Deacon and Felix Dallas with Whisky Specialist, Martin Green, based in Edinburgh.

The Hong Kong team is led by Daniel Lam alongside specialist Christopher Pong, and Christine Ballard is the specialist in San Francisco. All our specialists offer professional, friendly and independent advice on both selling and buying wine.

部门由葡萄酒大师- Richard Harvey 领导。伦敦部门小组还包括极富经验的专家 Harriet Joll, Jerome Fouillade, Tim Deacon 和 Felix Dallas,同时还有位于爱丁堡的威士忌专家 Martin Green。

香港小组由 Daniel Lam 引领,还有专家 Christopher Pong,而 Christine Ballard 则负责旧金山小组。我们所有的专家都给客户提供葡萄酒买卖方面专业,友好和独立的见解。

The sales offer a wide range of classed-growth Bordeaux, Domaine bottled Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone and Port as well as highly regarded wines from Italy, Spain, California and Australia. A case of Romanée-Conti 1988 was sold in March 2019 for £246,000.

Whisky Sales are held in Edinburgh and Hong Kong. It achieved a world record price for a bottle of Whisky three times in 2018, culminating in the sale of the 1926 Macallan 60-Year-Old Valerio Adami for £858,750 in Edinburgh in October. Bonhams also holds the world record for a bottle of Japanese Whisky of HKD 2,695,000 (£270,000) for a Yamazaki-50 year old.

拍卖销售提供广泛的列级波尔多酒庄,勃艮第庄园酒,香槟,隆河谷和波特酒,以及意大利,西班牙,加州和澳大利亚的推荐酒款。2019年3月的拍卖会上一箱1988 年份的“罗曼尼康帝”以 24.6 万英镑成交。

威士忌拍卖在爱丁堡和香港举行。2018年拍卖的一瓶威士忌创下3次世界纪录,10月在爱丁堡以85.8 万英镑成功售出1926年份麦卡伦 60年 Valerio Adami。邦瀚斯也保持着以27 万英镑售出一瓶日本威士忌-山崎50年的世界纪录。

Wines and spirits offered for sale are inspected carefully prior to cataloging and are stored under temperature-controlled conditions in specialist warehousing. It arranges packing of cellars and collection and shipping from clients’premises.



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