Annual Bordeaux Tasting (2013 Vintage)- Institute of Masters of Wine, San Francisco, US/ 年度波尔多品鉴,葡萄酒大师学院,美国旧金山

The fifth Annual Bordeaux Tasting was held at the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco on Tuesday January 30, 2018. This event mirrors the long-established Annual Bordeaux Tasting in London, and will showcase wines from the Grands Crus Classés of the Médoc and their equivalents from the Right Bank and Graves (including Sauternes). As is customary, the vintage to be tasted is five years prior to the year of the event: 2013.


The 2013 vintage presented numerous challenges for both growers and winemakers alike. The growing season was short, and flowering was late and uneven due to a notably rainy and cool June. The balance of the summer brought more irregular weather, with a dry and hot July and even an August hailstorm. Harvest started earlier than normal for a late-flowering year, as winemakers worked to avoid the onset of rot brought on by the rainy and humid September conditions. However, improved viticultural practices and more effective fruit-sorting enabled the more conscientious producers to make surprisingly successful wines. In general, 2013 is a small vintage of medium-bodied wines with moderate alcohol, modest tannin and above average acidity. It is an excellent year for the sweet wines of Sauternes and Barsac.

2013年份对于葡萄种植者和酿酒师都是一个极具挑战的年份。生长期短,尤其多雨和寒冷的六月导致开花晚。夏季有着不寻常的天气-干旱炎热的七月和八月的冰雹。收获相比于其他晚开花的年份开始得早,因为酿酒师需要处理且避免九月份多雨潮湿气候带来的霉菌腐烂。尽管如此,改进的种植方式和更有效率的葡萄挑选 让更具有责任感的生产商们 酿制出出乎意料的成功的酒。总体来说,2013年社是一个小年,酒体中等,酒精度单宁适中,酸度高出平均水平。但对于苏黛和巴萨克产区来说是一个出色的年份。

The tasting will allow wine professionals the opportunity to taste a comprehensive range of crus classés from the most prestigious appellations of Bordeaux. This event is limited to assure that the wines are tasted in optimal conditions. An educational rather than a promotional event, representatives from the châteaux will generally not be in attendance and tasters are encouraged to taste at their leisure so as to form an independent idea of the vintage and the wines. A number of Masters of Wine will be in attendance and prepared to respond to your questions and comments.



Pier 39


Fisherman’s Wharf


Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco


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