Annual Champagne Tasting- Institute of Masters of Wine, San Francisco, US/ 年度香槟品鉴,葡萄酒大师学院,美国旧金山

The 14th Annual Institute of Masters of Wine Champagne tasting (September 24th, 2018) is one of the largest and most prestigious tastings of top quality Champagne in North America.

The seated afternoon events were led by Charles Curtis MW and Tim Marson MW and featured curated flights of 2008 vintage selections, while the walk-around tastings included many exceptional champagnes, both vintage and non-vintage, organized by style: non-dosé, brut, dosé, blanc de blancs/noirs, rosé.

A BYOB Champagne dinner was held first time and successfully following this event.


下午的座谈品鉴会由 葡萄酒大师 Charles Curtis MW 和 Tim Marson MW 引导,讲解 2008 年份选择品鉴的香槟;之后的自由走动品鉴囊括了许多及其少有的香槟,年份及非年份,按区域被归类为:零补液香槟,干型香槟,补液香槟,白中白香槟,黑中白香槟,和玫瑰红香槟。


The prestige 2008 vintage Champagne tasted during the seated panel tasting, guided by Charles Curtis MW and Tim Marson MW.

这场尊贵的 2008 年份座谈香槟品鉴囊括了及其昂贵和稀有的香槟,由葡萄酒大师 Charles Curtis MW 和 Tim Marson MW 亲自主持。

Tasting includes 2007 Salon, 2000 Dom Perignon P2, 2008 La Grande Dame of Veuve Clicquot, 2006 Sir Winston Churchill of Pol Roger, 2008 Crystal, Grand Cuvee of Krug etc.

品鉴会的香槟包括:2007年份沙龙香槟,2000年份唐贝里农 P2香槟,2008年份凯歌贵妇香槟吧,2006 年份宝禄爵顿丘吉尔香槟,2008 路易王妃水晶香槟,库克陈年香槟 等等。

The dinner was in one of the most famous Chinese restaurant R&G Lounge. Coincidentally, it was Mid- Autumn Day of the year, what a perfect celebration!


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