Gambero Rosso Italian Wine tasting- San Francisco/ “大红虾”意大利葡萄酒展-美国旧金山

Gambero Rosso is an Italian food and wine magazine and publishing group founded in 1986. Its name literally translates as “red prawn” and comes from a tavern in Pinocchio where the Fox and the Cat dine.


Gambero Rosso was initially an eight-page supplement of il manifesto, first published on 16 December 1986, and was founded by Stefano Bonilli. It contributed early to spreading the views of “ARCI Gola”, which was a forerunner to the Slow Food movement- a cuisine concept opposite to fast food- dedicated to promote local and traditional cuisines.

“大红虾”起先是一份8页的海报补充,由Stefano Bonilli 创立且于1986年12月16日发行。它早期传播了“ARCI Gola”的观点,这是慢食运动的先驱 – 与快餐相对的美食概念 – 致力于促进当地和传统美食。

From 1987, Gambero Rosso has published a guide to Italian wine, titled Vini d’Italia, which in a short time became the most influential within Italy. It is also published in English translation under the title Italian Wines

从1987年起,Gambero Rosso出版了意大利葡萄酒指南,名为Vini d’Italia,在短时间内成为意大利最具影响力的葡萄酒。 它还以英文翻译出版,标题为意大利葡萄酒。

The Gambero Rosso wine ratings in Vini d’Italia are built up on the number of glasses (bicchieri) awarded to a wine, which is indicated in the wine guide with a number of stylized glasses next to the wine’s name. The highest rating is three glasses (Tre Bicchieri)- extraordinary wines (two glasses means very good wines, and one glass means good wines), and the wine guide only includes wines which are seen by the editors as “above average”. The ratings are based upon blind tasting by independent experts. The guide is edited in Italian, English and German language.

Vini d’Italia 的 Gambero Rosso 葡萄酒评级是根据葡萄酒授予的杯子(bicchieri)数量建立的,葡萄酒指南中的葡萄酒名称旁边标明了的一些数量的杯子。 最高等级是三杯(Tre Bicchieri) – 非凡的葡萄酒(两杯意味着非常好的葡萄酒,一杯意味着优质的葡萄酒),葡萄酒指南只包括编辑们认为“高于平均水平”的葡萄酒。 评级基于独立专家的盲品。 该指南以意大利语,英语和德语编辑。

Our Napa tasting group gathers every year to Gambrel Rosso in San Francisco.


Anthony Mueller- Former Brand Ambassador of Inglenook winery and current Reviewer at Robert Parker Wine Advocate, and his girlfriend- Susan Meyer.

Tasting on the ferry from Vallejo to San Fransisco.

从瓦列霍 去旧金山 渡轮上的品鉴。

Tre Bicchieri wine tasting.

“三个酒杯” 品鉴。

Our feast of German lunch prior to the grand tasting.


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