2018 Vintage Bordeaux Primeur Tastings, Part 4- Pomerol and Saint- Emilion

Chateau la Conseillante 2018 Vintage (Pomerol)

“It silenced the tongue and made them stare into the distance.”

Vineyard: Mild and rainy condition throughout the Spring with a long spell of relentless rain, best efforts and attention of the whole crew were needed to protect the vines from downy mildew. Poor fruit-setting reduced potential crop size during flowering time. Not until June, hot and bright sunny days at last set in. The vines basked in it gloriously. The prevailing east wind blew by the time of autumn equinox in September, which concentrated the berry aromatics. The harvest was done in the most joyful of atmospheres, and each grape was picked at its optimum ripeness.

Tasting: Always graceful and seductive. It shows attractive aromas of juicy ripe red fruits of strawberry, cherry and blackcurrant, with waves of perfumed violets and rose petals, infused with yogurt and sour cream. It is packed with flavors and adorned with splendour and show promise for decades to come. My favorite wine.

Blend: 83% Merlot and 17% Cabernet Franc.

Chateau Angelus 2018 Vintage (St- Emilion Premier Grand Cru Class A)

“While the estate is totally committed to its conversion to organic growing, the season proved difficult.”

Vineyard:  More rainfall than normally a whole year poured in the vineyard in the first six months. While in the Summer temperatures were high, but never extreme. The grapes reached perfect ripeness, the pips ripened very early, and the skin produced refined, velvety tannin, providing outstanding and stable polyphenol qualities. Acidity is maintained right to the end, giving a freshness and elegance worthy of the greatest vintages.

Tasting: a well- crafted wine with perfectly ripened fruitiness, integrated and nuanced oaky flavors; premium tannin quality, and freshness. Impeccable.

Blend: 65% Merlot and 35% Merlot. 18-22 months in new barrels and founders.

Chateau Chevel Blanc 2018 Vintage (St- Emilion Premier Grand Cru Class A)

“The 2018 Vintage will be remembered for the high risk of mildew in the vineyard.”

Vineyard: Winegrowers had to demonstrate both responsiveness and ingenuity to fight against this fungus, which has proved more virulent than in recent decades. Fortunately, the weather radically changed in the months of August, September and October, ensuring grapes of remarkable quality.

Tasting: Redolent fruity and floral nose, red fruits of cherry, blackcurrant and strawberry form the core, with flashes of crushed roses, violets and lilac, and overtones of crushed lack pepper and cocoa beans, underpinned by ripe black fruits nose. The wine is complex, balanced, full- body and with lingering finish.

Blend: 54% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Franc and 6% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Château Beau-Séjour Bécot 2018 vintage (Saint- Emilion Premier Grand Cru Class B)

Tasting: Beautifully balanced wine with great depth and aging potential. Unctuous dark fruitiness provides glorious smell, and subtle oaky flavors support as background. It is lush and supple on the palate, with sleek polished tannin and juicy acidity.

Blend: 80% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Franc and 2% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Chateau L’Evangile 2018 vintage (Pomerol)

Tasting: The low yield fruits result a super concentrated and intense wine, both the flavors and structure. Drake and ripe fruits tightly coiled with potent tannin and alcohol, finishing spicy and refreshing.

Blending: 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc.

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