A trip as translator for my Master of Wine Shifu- Tim Hanni in Hangzhou & Shanghai/ 为我的葡萄酒大师导师 蒂姆.汉尼担任翻译,杭州&上海

Thanks for my Shifu- Tim Hanni, providing this precious opportunity for me as a translator in Hangzhou- a training for VIP customers of Blossom Group. And the event- “Why you like the wine you like”- held in Shanghai organized by Foreign Commercial Service of US Consulate Shanghai.

感谢我敬爱的葡萄酒大师师傅 蒂姆.汉尼 给我提供这个作为他翻译的宝贵机会-杭州宝盛集团VIP 客户培训,以及美国驻上海总领事馆对外商业服务部门举办的“为什么你喜欢你所喜爱的葡萄酒?”讲座。



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