Intern at Robert Mondavi Winery, Napa, CA, US/在罗伯特.蒙大维酒庄实习,美国加州纳帕谷

In 1966, Mr. Mondavi (1913-2008) founded the Robert Mondavi Winery with his sons Michael and Tim Mondavi in the Napa Valley with the goal of producing wines that would compete with the finest wines from Europe. Michael Mondavi, the eldest, was in charge of the sales and marketing for Robert, while Tim was the winemaker. Robert Mondavi was the first major winery built in Napa Valley in the post-Prohibition era. Part of Mondavi’s original vineyard land included the To Kalon (a Greek term meaning “the beautiful”) vineyard originally established by Napa Valley pioneer H.W. Crabb in 1868.

1966 年,蒙大维先生 (1913-2008) 同他的儿子迈克尔和蒂姆创办了罗伯特 .蒙大维酒庄,目标是出产能和欧洲最好葡萄酒媲美的酒。最年长的儿子-迈克尔.蒙大维掌管销售和市场,小儿子蒂姆担任酿酒师。罗伯特 .蒙大维酒庄是纳帕谷在禁酒令之后第一个主要建造的酒庄。酒庄部分田地包括 To Kalon (希腊语中“至高无上的美丽”),这片最好的田地是由纳帕谷先驱 H.W. Crabb 先生于1868年开发的。

On December 22, 2004, Constellation Brands acquired the Mondavi winery in a controversial takeover for nearly US$1.36 billion in cash and assumption of debt. Following the sale of the company, Mondavi partnered with his younger son Tim Mondavi and daughter Marcia Mondavi to make a single wine from a single estate at the highest level. The family partnership Continuum Estate is still run by Robert’s son Tim, daughter Marcia and grandchildren Carissa Mondavi, Chiara Mondavi, Carlo Mondavi and Dante Mondavi.

2004 年12月22日,星座集团并购了罗伯特 .蒙大维酒庄,收购价为美金13.6亿,包括部分现金和债务。公司卖出之后,蒙大维先生和小儿子蒂姆,女儿玛西亚创办了一个单一葡萄园生产最高等级葡萄酒。家族合作了 Continuum Estate,由罗伯特的儿子蒂姆,女儿玛西亚,孙女佳丽莎,基娅拉,卡罗运营。

In 2001, Robert Mondavi donated $10 million to help with the building cost of the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts building at UC Davis. The Mondavi Center was opened on October 3, 2002. Robert also donated $25 million to establish the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science and this opened a new era for UC Davis’s wine and food programs. It was the largest private contribution to UC Davis. The two were founders and major benefactors behind the museum Copia, which opened November 2001 in the city of Napa, California.

2001 年,罗伯特 .蒙大维先生捐赠了1千万美金在加州大学戴维斯分校建造罗伯特和玛格丽特蒙大维表演艺术中心。蒙大维中心于2002年10月3日开业。罗伯特还捐赠了2千5百万美金给戴维斯,建造罗伯特.蒙大维葡萄酒与食品科学学院,这为戴维斯分校开创了葡萄酒和食品项目的新纪元。这也是有史以来戴维斯分校接收的最大笔的私人捐赠。罗伯特和玛格丽特蒙大维还是科皮亚博物馆主要的创办人,与2001年11月在加州纳帕开业。

Robert and Margrit were also founding supporters of the restoration of the 19th-century Napa Valley Opera House and the Oxbow School, a new art school in Napa that provides grants and instruction to art students in their junior year of high school. They have contributed to the restoration of the Lincoln Theatre in Yountville, California, and have supported the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.


Robert Mondavi Winery holds Summer concerts from July to September, inviting  famous singers around the US coming to perform in the winery. The stage is on the lawn behind the iconic grand arch, and the tickets are always sold out if you didn’t purchase few months before. In May the lobster Feed attracts lots of attention, and it is a great enjoyment to dine between the vines with the newly released Fume Blanc.

When you enter the winery, the intense aromatic smell from pink roses may catch your attention. It is a special and expensive rose, which is a gift from Constellation to Mrs. Margrit Mondavi and planted on the left side in front of the winery.

It was like a dream working in Robert Mondavi Winery, thanks to my friend’s refer!


当你进入酒庄,也许会被浓烈芳香的粉色玫瑰吸引。这种特别且昂贵的玫瑰是由星座集团献给玛格丽特. 蒙大维夫人的,被种植在酒庄入门的左手边。



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