Morning Yoga Practice, Chiangmai, Thailand/ 瑜伽晨练,泰国清迈

I posted a blog introducing Iyengar Yoga before. It has been 10 years since I started practicing Yoga, while 8 years for Iyengar Yoga. When I was still in College, my Mom told me once there was a newly opened Yoga Center downstairs. I went to try and since then I never stopped Practicing Yoga, and I was so proud of my improvement everyday.


In Beijng, India, and France, I followed different Masters practicing. Not until I met Master Faeq Biria, I stepped into the world of Iyengar Yoga, and was deeply attracted. During the 3 years’ Iyengar Yoga teacher training, Master Faeq came to Beijing twice a year in Spring and Autumn separately, and held the one-week intense training, which started from 6am till 9pm. We practiced Postures and Breathing, with Yoga philosophy penetrated. Master Faeq has a magic power to control your mind and body, which fall deeply into his instruction and release all the energy. The concentrating and intense training brought us great improvements, remaining the long-lasting self-practice till next training and assessment. The Master gave us a practice sequence, which varies everyday in a week. It takes 3-5 hours to finish the sequence everyday. We all agree self-practice is the hardest part of practicing, which takes great self-control. When everyday we struggled to expand the Yoga Mat on the floor, we have succeed halfway. Then the energy flows, till we forgot to struggle and totally focused on our mind and body. Those days were crazy and I will never forget in my life. It strengthened not only my body, but more importantly my mind. After the highly concentrated practicing, all the loose energy was burned, turning into a deep and sweet sleep. It was such a great sense of accomplishment.

在北京,在印度,在法国开始追随不同的老师习练,直到遇到了梵克大师 (Faeq Biria),误打误撞地进入了艾扬格瑜伽的世界,并被其深深吸引。开始了为期三年的艾扬格瑜伽教师培训。梵克大师每年来北京2次,每次一周时间,春季和秋季。一周紧张的培训,早上6点开始,晚上9点结束,呼吸法,体式,贯穿着瑜伽哲学的讲解。梵克大师有一种神奇的魔力,牢牢地抓住你的注意力,让你释放全身的能量,专注于体式。超高强度的训练和集中的注意力,使我们进步飞速。一周之后的集训之后,便是漫长的自我习练,待到下一次大师来审核。大师给我们留下一张练习序列单,每周每日不同的序列不同的体式。这需要强大的自控能力,每日最艰难的时刻便是展开瑜伽垫那一瞬。但一旦开始,便不难坚持下去,忘我地习练,达到心流的状态。那段时间疯狂的练习我一生都难以忘怀,每日可达3-5小时,根据不同的序列,不仅是身体的训练,更是意志的磨练。高度的专注训练后,全身游散的经历被集中消耗,睡眠变得深沉香甜,极富成就感。

Unfortunately soon I moved to United States for my MBA study and no longer practiced with my classmates, instead practicing alone in school’s gym. It is too luxurious for me to spend 3-5 hours to practice everyday, the practicing time had been reduced to 1.5 hours/ day, till 2-3 times every week. I rarely improved since then, and it was such a shame but without choice. My classmates have great achievements in China. Some opened their own Yoga Centers, and others became famous Iyengar trainers. They keep practicing and had followers all over China. I am proud for them. Even though, my persistent practice benefits my body a lot. I still do inversion pose at least 10 minutes/ day- headstand, shoulder stand, elbow stand or hand stand. Sometimes it was finished in a hurry, but these poses help with metabolism and immune system. Thanks to yoga! Namaste!


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