The golden Autumn of Yinchuan, China/ 银川金色的秋天

Yinchuan belongs to one of the earliest areas in which the Chinese nation was developed. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that the city is “a pearl on desert”. West side of the city has a famous national-level scenic spot- the XiXia Imperial Tomb. The nearby attractions are Shapotou-National 5A-level scenic spot, Helan Mountain rock paintings, etc.

Autumn always shows intoxicating scenery and nice weather, and it is a perfect time to visit. The golden leaves fall and cover the streets and parks. It will be too late to visit Shapotou in the end of October, the cold wind blows and rain falls, but it is not such hot as Summer time. You can take a sheepskin raft drifting down the Yellow River, walk the glass bridge across the Yellow River, play sand boarding, ride a camel, ride a desert SUV. For those who wants to challenge themselves, try the Yellow River flying lock and bungee jumping. It is a place very worthwhile to visit, and is located in Zhongwei, a 3-hour drive south of Yinchuan.



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