West Film Art Center, Yinchuan, Ningxia, China/ 银川西部影视城,中国宁夏

Yinchuan West Film Art Center is considered “the Universal Studio in China”, famous movies such as “Red Sorghum”, “the Yellow-River Ballad”, “New Dragon Gate Inn”, “A Chinese Odyssey” etc. are all shoot here. Chinese movies start from here to the world stage. In order to entertain guests, the West Film Art Center maintains original equipments and tools from previous shooting. It is fun for guests to direct a movie by themselves during their tours.

Autumn is a perfect time to visit West Film Art Center. It is encouraged to fit into traditional Chinese costumes and play around with your imagination!

All the photos and stories below are original.

Director:All crews

Actors:Cherie, Yue Dai

Photography:Fei Ge

Date:October, 2018




主演:Cherie, Yue Dai

摄影:Fei Ge

时间:2018 年十月

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