Domaine Monluxe, Ningxia, China 名麓酒庄,中国宁夏

This is a boutique winery,  painted white with a beautiful string of notes on the wall of the main building. Under the Helan Mountain, the vines grow up happily along with the music playing in the vineyard. The founder Geqi Wang is not quite social, and the winery business operation is not like others, instead is has its own unique mode.


The founder- Geqi Wang/ 酒庄创始人- 王戈其

Domaine Monluxe crowdfunds investments. With different Co-owners,  each of them owns their individual part of vineyard and wine production. As Co-owners of Domaine Monluxe, they can design their own labels, visit the winery anytime as they wish, store the wine in the cellar, get to know the viticulture and winemaking process. Domaine Monluxe conducts “the Grand Co-owners Meeting” once a year, inviting all the co-owners to attend, with parties and meetings being held then. It usually occurs in the Summer.

名麓酒庄采用认筹方式招募认筹“庄主”,“庄主”根据自己签约的葡萄园的面积,每年可以获得应有比例并带有自己庄主签名的酒庄酒。 “认筹酒庄主”将以“酒庄主”身份获得由“名麓酒庄”提供的“酒标自主权、葡萄种植及葡萄酒酿造知情权、酒窖专业储藏权”等特色服务,除了每年定期举办的庄主大会,庄主也可随时来酒庄参观游玩。

One of the Crowdfunding owners- Cherie Huang (right) with the winery founder- Geqi Wang 酒庄的一位认筹庄主- 黄欣 (右)和 酒庄创办人王戈其

The wine consultant for Domaine Monluxe is Mrs Shuzhen Zhou- widely recognized as one of the best winemakers in China. Besides Domaine Monluxe, she participates in five other wine projects in Ningxia, including Legacy Peak Estate, Jade Winery, Kanaan Winery, Feitswei Winery and Chateau Baoshi. “There is no best quality wine but only better one.” is the persistence of her whole winemaking life. People kindly call her “Zhou Gong”. In order to create a final bottle of great wine, she constantly improves quality, never twists or compromises the original insist due to limited time, focuses on details and pursues perfection and excellence. Her idea is similar with Philippe Melka- one of the most famous wine consultant in Napa Valley and some of other great winemakers- making wines showing the beautiful and natural flavors of the grapes. She emphasizes “NATURE“ again and again.

酒庄酿酒顾问是周淑珍女士,公认的中国最好的酿酒师之一。除名麓酒庄之外,她还参与了宁夏其他五个酒庄的酿酒及咨询工作,包括名麓酒庄,留世酒庄,嘉地酒庄,迦南美地酒庄,长和翡翠酒庄和宝石酒庄。“葡萄酒的品质是永无止尽的,没有最好只有更好”,这是周淑珍大半辈子的坚持,很多人亲切地称她为“周工”。追求工艺进步,不因时间的制约扭曲自己的意志或做出妥协,只做自己能够认可的工作;极度注重细节,追求完美和极致,只为做出打动人心的那一瓶酒。她的酿酒理念和纳帕谷最知名的酿酒师菲利普.梅加 以及其他一些伟大酿酒师一致:酿造体现葡萄天然的风味的葡萄酒,她强调”天然,天然,再天然!”

Winery consultant Shuzhen Zhou/ 酒庄酿酒咨询周淑珍

The winemaker of Domaine Monluxe is Junkai Tao, who started his career in a food manufacturing company in Japan. After returning to China, he came across into the wine industry and began his work in Domaine Monluxe. As a vegetarian, he fits perfectly the natural concept of the winery. Everyday, the music starts in the vineyard on time, and it changes according to different seasons. The animals in the winery are so lovely, and the staffs are always friendly.


  • Winery Name:Domine Monluxe
  • Wine Region:Yinchuan
  • Owner:Geqi, Wang
  • Found Year:2012
  • Classification Level:Third Growth (updated in 2021)
  • Vineyard Area:20 acres
  • Grape Variety:Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot
  • Annual production:65K bottles
  • Winery Address:S Yunshan Rd., Haoyuan Village, Zhenbeibao, Xixia DIST., Yinchuan, Ningxia, China
  • 名称:名麓酒庄
  • 所处小产区:银川产区
  • 庄主:王戈琪
  • 创建时间:2012年
  • 产区评级:三级 (2021年 新晋级)
  • 葡萄园面积:121亩
  • 葡萄品种:赤霞珠, 霞多丽, 美乐
  • 年产量:6.5万瓶
  • 酒庄地址:宁夏银川市西夏区镇北堡镇昊苑村云山路南侧

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Domaine Monluxe “Xin” limited edition red blend/ 名麓酒庄 “Xin” 限量版干红混酿
Domaine Monluxe “Xin” limited edition Chardonnay/ 名麓酒庄 “Xin” 限量版霞多丽
Guests visiting Domaine Monluxe/ 名麓酒庄访客

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