Napa Valley Film Festival/ 纳帕谷电影节

The Napa Valley Film Festival is presented by Cinema Napa Valley, a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2009 and  headquartered in Napa, California. Cinema Napa Valley’s mission is to celebrate the cinematic arts and enrich the community by presenting an annual world-class film festival and year-round education and outreach programs.

2019 Napa Valley Film Festival will be held through November 13th- November 17th.


The Napa Valley Film Festival was founded by Brenda and Marc Lhormer. Brenda and Marc previously served as co-directors of the Sonoma Valley Film Festival from 2001 – 2008. They also produced the feature film Bottle Shock, which tells the story of Napa Valley’s triumph at the 1976 wine-tasting competition in Paris. After Bottle Shock’s world premiere at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, Brenda and Marc turned their attention to creating a world-class film festival in Napa Valley.


Brenda and Marc envisioned a Fall film festival that would exhibit the year’s best new independent films and likely awards season contenders, while simultaneously leveraging Napa Valley’s outstanding food, wine, and hospitality. They created a cultural arts organization that would support the art of cinematic storytelling while also providing educational and career opportunities for local students. Brenda and Marc presided over the growth and development of the festival as Co-Director and Executive & Artistic Director (respectively) from 2009 – 2018.





纳帕谷电影节由Brenda 和 Marc Lhormer 创办。Brenda 和 Marc Lhormer 于2001- 2008 年间曾担任索诺玛电影节的总监。他们也参与制作了电影 Bottle Shock, 讲述纳帕谷于1976年在巴黎审判中获得冠军的故事。在 Bottle Shock 于2008年在圣丹斯电影节首映后,Brenda 和 Marc Lhormer 转移他们的注意力于在纳帕谷举办世界水准的电影节。

Brenda 和 Marc Lhormer 设想一个秋季电影节,展映全年最好的新电影,奖励竞争者,同时利用纳帕谷的美食,美酒和酒店业资源。他们创办了一个文化艺术组织,以支持电影艺术,同时为当地学生提供教育和就业机会。Brenda 和 Marc Lhormer 于2009-2018年担任电影节的联席总监和首席艺术指导。


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