Geraldton & Greenough, Australia/ 杰拉尔顿 & 格里诺,澳大利亚

Geraldton is a coastal city in the Mid West region of Western Australia,  north of Perth. The Port of Geraldton is a major west coast seaport. Geraldton is an important service and logistics centre for regional mining, fishing, wheat, sheep and tourism industries.

The memorial for the World War II cruiser HMAS Sydney is located on Gummer Avenue, at the summit of Mount Scott. The memorial recognises the loss of the light cruiser during a mutually destructive fight with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran off Shark Bay in November 1941, with none of the 645 crewmen aboard surviving. A temporary memorial, consisting of a large boulder, a flagpole, and a bronze plaque, was erected in 1998. A permanent memorial was dedicated on 18 November 2001, the day before the 60th anniversary. The HMAS Sydney memorial is made up of four major elements: 1. A stele, based on the ships prow; 2. A granite wall listing the ships company; 3. A bronze statue of a women looking out to sea and waiting in vain for Sydney to return; and 4. A dome made up of 645 stainless steel seagulls. The 645 Stainless steel seagulls represent the souls of the lost sailors. In Folklore, birds such as seagulls are sometimes known as ‘soul birds’ because they are regarded as the souls of people who died at sea. (Armstrong,1958) Sydney

Greenough is a historical settlement 24km south of Geralton. It is famous for the settlement’s historic building dated back to mid-19th century and the noted 90 degree lining tree created by the strong prevailing wind.


二战战舰HMAS悉尼号的纪念标志位于Gummer大道,Scott山顶。他纪念这艘轻型巡洋舰在与德国Kormoran辅助巡洋舰互相摧毁性攻击中牺牲的士兵,这次战斗发证在1941年11月,鲨鱼湾,船上645名士兵全部遇难。1998年临时的纪念标志,包括一块大圆石,一个旗杆,和一块青铜牌匾被竖立。知道2011年11月18日建立了这个永久性的纪念标志,也就是在战斗60周年纪念的前一天。HMAS 悉尼号纪念标志由四个主要的元素构成:1,一块船头形状的石碑;2,列出了所有船上士兵的花岗岩墙;3,一个女人眺望远方空虚等待士兵归来的铜像;4,由645只不锈钢海鸥构成的圆顶。这645只海鸥代表了失去士兵的亡灵。民俗中,鸟类像海鸥有时被看作“灵魂鸟”,因为他们代表了在海上遇难的人的亡灵。(Armstrong,1958) 悉尼


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