WOW museum- Classic Cars and world of wearable art museum, Nelson, New Zealand/WOW 博物馆-世界可穿艺术和古董车博物馆,新西兰尼尔森

The name really suits the exhibition in the museum- WOW! It will be your first exclamation when you enter the museum. There is no doubt that WOW museum brings  a visual feast for us, no matter the broad swath of collections of vintage cars or the wearable arts. Probably males prefer the cars and girls prefer the wearable arts, and the museum satisfies the aescetic for all of us. For me, both exhibition are fascinating, especially the creative wearable arts.

Nelson, New Zealand hosts the World of Wearable Art & Classic Cars Museum (WOW) devoted to wearable art and classic car. It opened in October 2001. The museum exhibits garments from the World of WearableArt Awards Show, along with a collection of around 140 classic cars. The WOW Gallery shows the attending garments of the World of WearableArt Awards Show, a two-hour performance spectacle held annually in Wellington during September/October. The show was started in Nelson in 1987 by Suzie Moncrieff. World of WearableArt (WOW) is an internationally recognized design competition, attracting entries from more than 40 countries each year. The stage features everything that is wearable art, as long as it is original and well executed. During the three weeks of the art show, around 60,000 people attend the event in Wellington.

博物馆带给人的感觉就像它的名字一样名副其实-WOW! 这将会是你进入博物馆后发出的第一个感叹词。毫无疑问WOW 博物馆给我们带来了一场视觉盛宴,不论是广泛的古董车收藏还是可穿的艺术品。也许男性偏爱车,女性偏爱可穿的艺术,这个博物馆能够同时满足女性和男性的审美。对于我来说,两个展览都非常惊艳,尤其是创造力丰富的可穿的艺术。

新西兰的尼尔森是 世界可穿艺术和古董车博物馆 (WOW)的家乡,他创办于2001年。博物馆展示着世界各地的 世界可穿艺术 大赛的作品,遗迹140多辆古董车。WOW 博物馆展示的可穿艺术作品来自于一场在惠灵顿举办的大赛,时长2小时,每年9/10月份举办。这个比赛由 Suzie Moncrieff 于1987年在尼尔森创办。世界可穿艺术 是国际知名的一个设计展览,每年吸引来自全世界40多个国家的参赛者。这个舞台接受任何可穿的艺术设计,只要它设计良好且是原创。在艺术节的三周里,6万人将会聚集在惠灵顿。


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