Kawarau Bridge Bungy, Queenstown, New Zealand/ 卡瓦劳河蹦极,新西兰皇后镇

The Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge is a bridge which runs over the Kawarau River in the Otago region in the South Island of New Zealand. The bridge is mainly used for commercial purposes by the AJ Hackett Bungy Company for the purposes of bungy jumping; the site was the world’s first commercial bungy jumping site since 1991.

When looking down from the bridge, the scenery is gorgeous. The river is like a jade color silk scarf and the air smells sweet and fresh. The tender green trees embellish on the marble cliffs, attracting you to be embraced. It was the last day of 2018, I decided to fulfill this year with Bungy! So exciting! I did it!

The busy Bungy schedule starts from early morning at 8am till 6pm in the afternoon, participants from all over the world came for this exciting extreme sport. There is always a line unless you choose to start in the early morning, and always make sure to reserve your seat online or by phone call.

The bridge is 43 meters high. Although lots of other bunny places are much higher, but I doubt the scenery is as beautiful as this one, not even to mention Kawarau Bridge is the world’s Bungy hometown!

位于新西兰南岛的奥塔哥地区的乔治卡瓦劳悬索桥横跨卡瓦劳河之上。这座桥目前主要给  AJ Hackett 公司用来商业蹦极;这里是世界首个商业蹦极地,起源于1991年。





Minimum 10 years old. Children 14 and under require an adult to sign consent at check-in and accompany them on their experience.


Between 35kg to 235kg. Weight difference between tandem Jumpers must not exceed 30kg, Maximum combined weight is 235kg.


NZ 205 for adult, 155 for child and 175 for New Zealand students. Although a bit expensive, but it is definitely a life-time experience for Bungy in its origin place.







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